Billy Waugh….baby steps

  • Workout Date - 03/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Puma, EZBake, Whisper, Sammy, Johnny5, Unitard, ChurchLady, Puma, HulkSmash
  • AO -

SA total of 10 PAX came out to Pitchfork for light aerobics and stretching…..

YHC admittedly was inspired by Stew Smith’s article on ways to do many, many pull ups.   The right way to do this is in a “what goes up must come down” manner, but I thought today was a good 1st step..  Check out the description of the Billy Waugh.   Completing a Billy Waugh is the long term goal.

Specifically to the Billy Waugh, seems impossible.  A lot of things seemed impossible a year ago.

The next step is up and back down.  Maybe not my next Q, but it’s coming.

Enough with the chat chit.

Warm up:


5 Burpees OYO


5 Burpees OYO




5 Burpees OYO

Proceed to the track

Picked a spot just inside the track that was equidistant for all PAX to run to a spot on the play grounds and perform pullups, roughly 20 yds.

At said spot, perform 1 x 8 ct bodybuilder, run to pullup bar, perform 1 pull up.  Run back to spot inside of track, peform 2 x 8 ct bodybuilder, run to pullup bar, perform 2 pull ups.  Repeat pattern through 8 BBs and 8 Pull ups.  Jackrabbits planked. 6’s were not far behind at all.

2 laps indian run. Should be noted at this point that EZBake was singing a little during his sprints.   Apparently his 16 mile runs are contributing to his lung capacity and musical ability.

Partner up:  PAX 1, lather/rinse/repeat 10xMerkins,20xSquats,30xBBSUs while PAX2 runs to goal (50yds), 10Burpees, run back.   2nd round:10xMerkins, 20xSquats,30xLBCs.  Repeato for run/burps.  All got 2 good rounds in, couple of jack rabbits hit 3.

6MOM: I keep trying to come up with ways to make hurricanes worse.  Think I did OK today

7 flutters arms high

7 flutters with palms on ground behind

7 flutters laying down

7 tempo LBCs


15 ‘merican hammers

Announcements: Hulk is putting some serious commitments behind his slim down efforts.   Admittedly, I could stand to do the same, and hold to them.

Prayers: Jake Wall, more heart surgeries in his 2 years on the earth than my 42.  Please pray for healing.   Louis McDonald, chronic pulmonary issues, please pray for healing and comfort.   F3Expansion, weather is getting warm boys, SadClown friends have one less excuse.

NMM: J5 retains jackrabbit status.  Dumpster wins the J.D. Power and associates award for initial quality of the day, dude was husslin.  As was Unitard, and Church, and Hulk, and Whisper, and Puma……all you dingleberries hussled.   Also should be noted that Sammy has lost a bagillion pounds and was banging out pull ups.  And EZBake sings during Indian Runs for crying out loud.  Well done men.













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