• Workout Date - 06/18/2015
  • Q In Charge - DENIED
  • The PAX - Punch Out (Happy Birthday), Samsonite, Comycozit(sorry if I misspelled), Seth McCullen-FNG-New Bern, Double Windsor, Brakepad, Frankenrider, Inspector Gadget, Ukeless, Gutshot, Denied
  • AO -

Well it wasn’t exactly bikini prep but may as well have been. 11 PAX crawled out of the sack this morning to discover it wasn’t your typical #mainthang thang. After YHC’s Q in Greenwood last weekend, it was decided the cinder blocks would stay in the truck and YHC would bring them to #Mainthang for some strength building and winter pound shedding aka #bikiniprep. In the COP the Pax made numerous mentions that they enjoyed the coupons, #noted.

Conditions: Summer in the South, humid and almost 80 degrees at 5:30AM

The Thang:
IW X 25 IC

5 X Burpees
10 X Lunges (double count)
15 X Imperial Walkers (double count)
20 X Merkins
25 X Plank Jacks
30 X Squats

Enough warm-up, let’s mosey to and over the Liberty Bridge and partner up. YHC showed them to the block mobile to get their #coupons.

Round 1:
100 Cumulative squats with blocks. P1 starts the squats, P2 runs the bridge, does 1 burpee, then back. Tag partner P2 and picks up where P1 left off. #skysoutthighsout
Once done, plankarama, then 25 Russian Twists IC

Round 2:
100 Cumulative block curls. This time P2 starts the curls, P1 runs the bridge, tag and pick up where P2 left off until you reach 100. #sunsoutgunsout
Once done, plankarama, then 30 Russian Twists IC

Round 3:
100 Cumulative block merkins. P1 starts merkins, P2 runs the bridge, tag and pick up where P1 left off until you reach 100. #smoker. There is something that is much much harder doing a merkin on a block versus flat ground, lots and lots of groaning here.
Once done, plankarama, then 25 Russian Twists IC

Round 4:
I left this up to the Pax. It was either two step on the blocks or man maker burpee’s. Punch Out chose the burpee’s. We obliged as it was his 40th birthday today. Happy B-day Punch Out. Now get on those burpee’s.
We aimed for 60 man maker burpee’s with blocks. Time slipped away here so I think the vast majority of the Pax teams did around 45.

Put the toys away and mosey back to the Peace Center.

No time for Mary


-Convergence this weekend at The newest Greenville AO, The Pitchfork
-Check out the Bazooka Ball pre-blast

-Family’s of victims in Charleston and the community
-Inspector Gadget’s friend at Church
-Gutshot’s dissertation coming up on July 1st (this dude is smart folks)

Enjoyed leading you guys today. Great work was done by all. New Bern, I hope you come back!

Denied Out

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