Big Brown

  • Workout Date - 07/06/2017
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Gluten, Kegel, Quaker, Shiner, Youkilis, SEAL, Carl's Jr, Inspector Gadget, Padre, Boomhauer, Flapjack, T-Bag, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

Always good to see PAX ready and waiting when I make the turn into the parking lot. Thirteen men aged 8 to 56 would work to get better. Boomhauer is rolling in late. I’d hate for him to miss the jumping jacks so I switch the order around.

Warm Up- Slow windmill, squats, SSH, mountain climbers

Mosey to the block pile. Time for some UPS package car training. 20 overhead presses (top shelf), 20 straight arms to chest (2nd shelf), 20 upright rows (bottom shelf). Rinse and repeat.

On your 6 for Flutters and Dollies x 20 IC

Back to the blocks. Repeat two more times.

On your 6 for Rosalita and leg whips.

Mosey to the bottom of the three tier parking lot. 10 ‘Mericans at the base of the hill. Lunge walk to the base of the next tier. 10 ‘Mericans, lunge, 10 ‘Mericans, lunge, 10 ‘Mericans at the top.

Rinse and repeat with 10 squats.

Rinse and repeat with 30 air presses.

Back to the bottom. Joe Hendricks each flight of stairs. Karaoke in between. Flyover! 10 Burpees! We may have found Padre’s Kryptonite. He said the Joe Hendricks was brutal after doing the burpees.


LBC, Reverse LBC, Dying cockroach x20 each IC, AMRAP big boy situps until time expires.

A- F3 Dads July 8 0800 at PowderKeg. Boomhauer working with a mentor program. August 12th Laurens launch at City Park. P200 has a couple spots open.

P- Mega Mu’s 2.0. Slim bike ride. ACA. Several PAX have stepped up and made the extraordinary choice to adopt. T-Bag sister and other family members. Work victories and trials all around. Gauge and Boomhauer. All our families.

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