Big Bricks

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
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Hey, look at that! The thermometer DOES INDEED still go above 40 degrees. A lovely, if a little soggy, morning presented itself for 7 TankYardigans today, who came out to see what YHC had in his sick little mind.

One of the things I love about F3 is that everybody has their calling cards, and PAX typically show up to workouts from our veteran Qs with certain expectations in mind. Sometimes, the Q in question goes off the script, and YHC made very effort to pull that move today.

What does Flay love?  Running/cardio/lower body

What does Flay hate? Lifting/Upper body/Did I mention lifting.

You can guess what we did.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

BLIMP (Burpees x 5, Lunges x 10, IW x 15, MC x 20, Plankjacks x 25)

Pretty normal so far… That was the last of it


Mosey over to Squeal’s truck to grab some bricks… I mean… Mega Pavers. Good lord those thangs were big, and, no, that ‘s not what she said. Anyway, everybody grab 2 and mosey on over to the basketball courts

8-count ManMakers x 10 #crowdpleaser (basically burpees in cadence with coupons and a plankjack thrown in the middle to get the count to 8)

at which point, Sanchez starts repeating the word “Mother” over and over again throughout the workout

Curls x 10 IC

Reverse flys x 10 IC (aka “Backflapthingamajig)

8-count ManMakers x 10

Sanchez continues his maternal groaning and Squeal starts making noises that show that his name fits

Curls x 10 IC

Reverse flys x 10 IC (aka “Backflapthingamajig)

Jack Webb (with coupons) up to 5 merkins/20 presses and back down #thatsucked

Time to open the lungs up a little, so drop your coupons and head over to the tennis courts.

Tempo mosey out and back twice to shake everything loose.

Back to the coupons

Curls x 10 IC

Reverse flys x 10 IC (aka “Backflapthingamajig)

Over to the baseline and partner up

Ark Dora 123

Partner 1 works while partner two bearcrawls the length of the court and Jameis Winstons back. Flapjack/rinse repeat until each team completes the following:

Merkins (on coupons) x 100

Russian Twist (with coupon) x 200 double count

Calf raises (on coupons) x 300 #sneakyhard

yeah I know the ark loader is one of my calling cards. couldn’t take the whole workout off script. Besides, hearing Sanchez call out for his mom with his six in the air is just plain hilarious.

Back to center court with coupons for mary


LBCs with coupon x 20 IC

Flutters with coupon straight in front x 20 IC

Rosalitas with coupon straight in front x 20 IC

drop coupons

Backscratcher x 20 IC

Dying cockroach x 20 IC

On your feet/pick up coupons

8-count ManMakers x 10



  • Mudrun still open (higher cost, but you should still go)
  • Keep your ears open for a Swamp Rabbit CSAUP in mid-May. Still working on details but we’re basically gonna run from AO to AO, starting at Main Thang and making our way to Legacy
  • Prayers for Brown Shorts and his 2.0’s
  • Prayers for Squeal and the adoption process
  • Prayers for all parents. It’s our highest calling, but the challenges can sometimes consume us.
  • Praise for Sanchez’s son

A pleasure as always. Weather’s starting to come around, so reach out to your people and get ’em out there!


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