Big Bang at Gideon's House

  • Workout Date - 09/30/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Bambi, ATM, Inspector Gadget, Earthmover, Medulla Oblongata, Spongebob, Mab Mab, Sanchez, Epee, Caviar, Hulk Smash, Soccer Mom, Brownie, Whisper, Flay, Hooch, Brown Shorts, Affordable Care Act (YHC), Cheney (Welcome!), Peach Fuzz (Welcome!), Nae Nae (Welcome!), Bondo (Welcome!), Show Me (Welcome!)
  • AO -

Conditions:  The forecast yesterday was 75% chance of thunderstorms, not just rain.  So we felt favored this morning for 70 degrees and 100% humidity (that’s an educated guess).

23 PAX (5 FNGs) set their alarm last night with a vision to expand our reach in the Swamp Rabbit community, and meet some new friends.  The rest of F3 Greenville simply postponed their trip to meet the new neighbors until a later date.  YHC did not know just how many to expect either from existing PAX or to come out of Gideon’s House.  It turned out to be a great number on both sides and made for a manageable and meaningful launch to the Gideon’s House AO.

Today we welcomed 5 FNGs into the fold of F3 brotherhood after the most aggressive EH in the history of F3.  I mean, 18 dudes just marched up to their house with four shovel flags at 5:30 in the morning.  Note: Individual results may vary.

  • Cheney (likes to hunt)
  • Peach Fuzz (from Gaffney)
  • Nae Nae (should have never told us he DJ’d)
  • Bondo (welder and Duke fan.  YHC is disappointed he didn’t get a cool Tar Heel name)
  • Show Me (hails from Missouri)


Note: YHC had to dial the creativity (weirdness) back a notch and introduce the more common exercises.  That meant no Electric Boogaloos today, but soon!

SSH X 25 (IC)
Merkins X 15 (IC)
Burpees X 10 (OYO)

The Thang

Mosey over to the parking lot two doors down.  I did some recon yesterday and found the perfect spot to teach our new friends what Dora 1,2,3 is all about.  While Partner 1 ran around the building, partner 2 started:

100 X Merkins
200 X Big Boy Situps
300 X Clap Squats (we may or may not have finished these)

Note: There are so many tiny ninjas in this parking lot called speed bumps.  Nobody ate it today, but it’s just a matter of time.  FYI, this note will serve as my disclaimer in the future.

Conveniently next to the parking lot was a medium grade hill perfect to introduce another F3 staple.  Elevens.  Ten burpees at the top of the hill.  Crab walk down the hill.  One fairy jack at the bottom of the hill.  There was some mumblechatter here insisting they were looking out for our new brothers’ best interest.  I’m not convinced of their motives.


Shoulder Taps X 25 (IC)
LBCs X 25 (IC)
Flutters X 25 (IC)


  • Prayers for Lilly Meuller and her family.
  • Continued prayers for Walker and his family
  • Prayers of peace for ATM’s boss’ family.
  • Prayers for ATM’s M’s aunt Mary

Ye Ole Moleskin

Sincere thanks to my brothers for making this launch happen.  T-claps to Caviar, Slim, Flay, Spongebob, Inspector Gadget, GCOD, Zoila, ATM, Bambi, Alfred, probably etc (Cobains).  Mab Mab has already signed up for next week.  Zoila and Caviar have the following weeks.  Jump on the schedule even if it is months in advance.

In the coming weeks, this AO will gain an official name by the men of Gideon’s House.  The goal is to have the men of this house eventually own this workout, share it with the men who follow behind them, and take it to their new community.  It is with your continued guidance and support that this will be achieved.  F3 has been an instrumental part of my happiness and faith journey over the last six months.  Any time I can share it with men I’ve never met, it’s been a good day.  Every man (in and out of the gloom) struggles with something.  F3 is merely a vehicle to share those struggles with fellow men of courage.  It’s not meant to be taken on alone.

Thanks everyone and I hope to see you out there again one Wednesday real soon.



2 thoughts on “Big Bang at Gideon's House”

  1. Outstanding work to make this happen, ACA. I’m not sure what I did to get into the thank you list, as I just basically sat there and nodded my head from time to time.

    Swamp Rabbit PAX: this AO is CRITICAL to our mission here in the upstate. We finally have a chance to give back directly to other men who would never have access to what we’ve been given. Everybody needs to contribute to this. Whether you step up to Q, mentor one of these men, show up to work out or meet these guys for coffee, this is a place where we are needed. I’m hopeful that this is merely the beginning, and that, through the efforts of guys like ACA, Caviar, GCOD, and the rest that directly made this happen, we’ll finally grow our 3rd F and F3F practices. Get on board, guys, because it’s gonna start moving. Aye.

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