Better late than never

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - Biofreeze
  • The PAX - Grr, Shep, Natty, Erector, Highway Man, Almond Joy, No Bars, iTunes, Clippers, Slick Willy, FNG Jeremy now known as Philly Cheese, FNG Corbin originally named Walrus and later named NoBell as Walrus was taken
  • AO -

Life gets busy sometimes…sorry for the late post.



10 Merkins IC

20 lunges

Mosey to Jason St for some Lt. Dan…went go to 4 squats and 16 lunges

Continue mosey up to the church and everyone grab a block. Circle up for block work. Each exercise performed 10 count IC

Bicep curls, tricep extension overhead, bent over rows

Line up for more Lt Dan. Down the parking lot for 5 squats and 20 lunges and back up for 6 squats and 24 lunges

Rinse and repeat block work

Polled the pax: more Lt Dan or hold blocks for squats. The majority wants Lt Dan, so line it up

Done the parking lot for 7 squats and 28 lunges and back up the lot for 8 squats and 32 lunges…and I for sure ain’t got no legs.

Blocks away. Mosey to the pond and onto the island for cora Dora with a lap around the pond

100 LBCs

200 flutters

300 Russian twists


20 Heels to heaven IC

1.5 min to go…AMRAP LBC

COT: two FNGs today one from Philly and the other wants to be a Navy SEAL. Continued prayers for Gabby Mylander and others who are I’ll or grieving.

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