Bell's Crossing Elementary aka Hills Bells

  • Workout Date - 06/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Bambi, Johnny 5, Look Out Below - basically revolving Q
  • The PAX - Bambi, Johnny 5, Affordable Care Act, 50/50, Cocoon, Look Out Below, Obama
  • AO -

Next stop on the revolving Five Forks AO was a test run at Bell’s Crossing Elementary School.  Seven PAX showed up to check out what this school had to offer for an AO.  We may have one more stop before deciding what will be the permanent home of the 2nd Five Forks/Golden Strip AO.

Let’s get to it!

Warm up – led by Johnny 5

SSH x 30 – IC

Merkins – low and slow, hold at the bottom – 6 – On his count

IW – IC – don’t remember total – approx 20

Mountain Climbers – IC – 16 I think??

The Thang:

We took a mosey campus tour to see what the school had to offer.  First stop was the biggest hill we could find.  Let’s do some 11’s!  Start with 10 squats at  the bottom and 1 merkin at the top.  Work your way from there.  It’s not quite Nippler’s Hill at Golden Strip but it will do.

Next, mosey around the track looking for more trouble.  Bell’s has two basketball courts, a small track and lots of playground equipment.  Might be a suitable location.  The fact we can park in the parking lot is a step up from Monarch Elementary.

For the rest of the workout, we went back to the front parking lot for an abbreviated Deck of Death by YHC.  We got in 4 or 5 rounds of pulling 5 cards and then taking a lap around the parking lot.  Lots of 2nd F here!  We pulled 2 wild cards and incorporated a little Mary as we didn’t have time for the full 6 minutes.


What a great group.  It’s fun scouting out a new location and pretty cool to see everyone’s excitement for finding a new place.  We will be back at Monarch on Tuesday morning and then possibly trying a new place next Friday before deciding on the final location.

– Look Out Below


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