Belfort Has Coupon Payments for Everyone

  • Workout Date - 08/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Belfort
  • The PAX - Grrr, iTunes, Whamo, FNG Landon - Junkyard Dog, No Bars, FNG Kevin - Pillpusher, FNG Brett - Headhunter, 1st Date, Biofreeze, No Strings Attached, Captain Planet, Ricky Bobby, Cockroach, Belfort
  • AO -

My namesake infamously gained quite a reputation by flipping penny stocks and practicing in fraudulent and frowned upon activities on Wall Street.  Belfort has supposedly cleaned up though, and with recent market volatility he just wanted nothing more than to collect a nice coupon payment.  And so we begin on yet another perfect morning…

Warm Up:

SSH X 26 IC, 10 Merkins OYO, 20 Squats OYO

The Thang:

DoubleApplesauce Indian Run down Jason Street at a blistering pace.  10 Merkins and then mosey to MUMC to grab the coupons.  First up: Coupon Jack Webbs, 1:4 increasing up to 5:20 on final set.  Some member of the PAX expressed concern about the addition of a coupon to Jack Webb, but they powered through handily.  A train rolled through during the Jack Webbs, so 10 burpees.

Elevens: 1 Manmaker, jog to church wall, 10 People’s Chair Air Presses, return.  2 Manmakers, 9 Peoples Chair Air Presses………..10 Manmakers, 1 People’s Chair Air Press.

Sevens: 1 Curl, jog to Arlington Ave., 6 Squats, return.  2 Curls, 5 Squats…..6 Curls, 1 Squat

50 Single Count Flutters holding Coupon over chest, arms extended.  Followed by 20 Front Squats.

Return Coupons and mosey to end of Jason Street for 20 LBCs.  Continue Mosey on Jason Street to the end of the last building.  Switch to lung walk for the rest of the street.  Mosey to picnic shelter and grab 20 dips before Mary.


15 Slow, alternating leg raises IC.  20 Freddie Mercury IC, 20 Erectors IC

And that’s a wrap!.  I was completely smoked by the end in case you couldn’t tell by the rambling, incoherent words coming out of my mouth.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you did as well.  It’s an honor to get after it with such a great group of men.


  • Announcements: Remember Second F, 5K the Michelin Way trail run on Sept 26, No Bars is looking for a 4th in the Goodwill MudRun, and check twitter for Hank on Fridays.
  • Prayer Request: Continued prayers for all spoken prayer requests in recent memory and all unspoken prayers today.


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