Because blocks are cool and all your friends are doing it.

  • Workout Date - 07/07/2016
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Commodore, Gymboree, Sushi, Saddiq, Jenner, Macho, ChurchLady
  • AO -

YHC hadn’t q’d golden strip in a while, so I figured it was time.   I had a CMU workout on the brain, so a quick trip to home depot on Wednesday night, and a few hours later, off we go.   Good showing of GS PAX today.   Saddiq, Macho, and I got in a pre ruck, and a blur went by twice that I’m pretty  sure was Sushi.   Later sighting at AO confirmed, you can tell it’s him when he’s standing still.

Enough with the chit chat!



SSH x 25IC

Hillbilly x 30IC

Windmills x 20IC

off to the car to grab coupons.   Ruckers use rucks.

Back to chin up bars

21 chin ups & 21 squat thrusts with block

15 chin ups and 15 squat thrusts with block

9 chin ups and 9 squat thrusts with block

slightly smoked…..

to the hill

climb hill with block, 10 push ups on block, 10 goblet squats

back down….9&9

back up…..8&8

back down….7&7

…….you get the picture.   down to 1.   Ruckers used rucks instead of blocks and bear crawled up the hill.



Flutters 30 IC



18 (yes, 18) American Hammers


10 OBVUs per side

ANNC:  8/2 – Bondo’s graduation……AND……Saddiq’s 50th birthday Q.   I’ll be there, against my better judgement.  I’m developing an inclination that the older my friends get, the less likely I am to show up for their workout.    Time will tell.

Prayers:   Church’s friend, Chuck (I won’t attempt to spell the last name).  I failed to mention, but continue to pray for the Latini family in rock hill.  There’s one more that I’m forgetting, sorry guys, I was a bit smoked.

Observations:   Gymboree is a metronome, Jenner and Commodore told the hill where it could go.   Sushi remains fast.   Church has giant lungs.  Saddiq and Macho did a fantastic job of conquering the hill with rucks.  TClaps to Macho for conquering the hill with 40 lbs in ruck.   All men put in a metric ton of work this morning.

Honor to have led.



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