Beastside Mile Trial

  • Workout Date - 01/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Amelia
  • The PAX - Stewart Smally, 00, Bartman, Mr. Kotter, Earthmover, Holla, Blue Hawaii, Amelia
  • AO -

8 pax weren’t scared of the deceptively cold wind chill temps and decided to get faster in spite of the frigid cold. YHC saw 00’s suggestion on Twitter that we do a mile time trial to help us set our baseline. I liked the idea of the mile trial, but thought we could take it a step further…

The Thang

1 mile warm up

Note: If you’re not a Beastside attender, you may not know some of the rules of Beastside. First rule: Don’t run on the inside 2 lanes of the track. Second rule: Obey all rules. Eastside HS is gracious enough to allow us to run on their track, so we follow Rule #2, as to not wear out the inside 2 lanes. Therefore in order to get accurate time trial times, we needed to do a little surveying to figure out exactly where the 1 mile finish line should be. It ended up being about half-way around the final bend for the start line. That would be our finish line for the time trial – 1 mile exactly.

1 mile Time Trial

I heard several pax mention that they had PRed.

Mosey for a few minutes after the mile and the subsequent distances:

1200m (Interval – Max pace)
800m (Interval – Max pace)
400m (Interval – Max pace)
100m x 2 (Sprints)


This was once again a great time at the Beastside. One of my favorite workouts of the week.

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