Beastside Booming

  • Workout Date - 04/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - Amelia
  • The PAX - Wilson, Mr. Kotter, Golden Sombrero, 00, Monica Seles, Holla, Longbottom, Blue Hawaii, Amelia
  • AO -

9 pax hit it out of the park this morning just by waking up and getting to the track.  I must admit it was a bit colder (46 deg) than I would’ve liked for a late April morning, which prompted me to wear a long sleeve shirt.  00 made me feel good about myself when he decided to lose his shirt altogether halfway through the workout.

The Thang

1 mile warm up

The Classic Ladder

Pax were encouraged to shoot for a 5k goal pace. So if you run a 7 min/mi pace for 5k, your goal might be to shoot for a 6:45 min/mi pace.

400m (1 min rest)
800m (2 min rest)
1200m (3 min rest)
1600m (4 min rest)
1200m (3 min rest)
800m (2 min rest)
400m (1 min rest)

After finishing the 1200m, 00 alerted me that it was 6:07. So we called off the last 800 and 400 and ran 1 cooldown lap.


00’s daughter is having surgery next week. Pray for God’s hand to be upon her and all doctors and nurses involved, as well as 00 and his family.
Pray for Blue Hawaii’s son as he continues to be treated for a condition he’s had since birth.

Good work today fellas,


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