BeastSide 864s

  • Workout Date - 06/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00
  • The PAX - Amelia, Blades, Dirty Myrtle, Perry Mason, Wilson, Longbottom, Holla, Radar, Erector, 00
  • AO -

Nine other men were foolish enough to try a track workout that I made up. It’s somewhat based on the limited amount of running science that I know, but mostly relates to my affinity for the upstate area code and what it represents, even if that representation includes Anderson. Following is a combo set.

1 mile

The 864s:
800 at Interval Pace, immediately followed by 800 at Threshold pace. 90 sec break after to lower heartrate
600 at Interval Pace, immediately followed by 600 at Threshold pace. 90 sec break to lower heartrate
400 at Interval Pace, immediately followed by 400 at Threshold pace, 90 sec break to lower heartrate.

Rinse and repeat, but not enough time. I made it to the second 600 I think before we called time. That wasn’t the end though. Based on where you finished on the track, find the next 100 line. Everyone runs a 400 at mile pace or better to simulate a kick at the end of a race. Brutality to finish.

Cooldown – 400 only. Everyone was fairly tired.

Moleskin: I heard several comments about Merlot or how bad that sucked. Must have worked. You’ve got to run at a faster pace to get faster.

The Eastside guys care about getting faster. What say you 05ers? Anyone downtown? Anyone?

Shirts came off early today. It was humid. Blades apparently has gills and can breathe water and air. #fast

Low and slow guys get on the same page about LSD. Something about a run on Saturday sometime.
Ford Sweeney – first improvement in months, but a long road ahead.
LB’s Dad’s heart surgery next week.

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