Beast of the Southern Wild

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
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11 pax posted at Legacy Park for the #F3SwampRabbit Saturday downPAINment.  Nash and Lee took the early morning trip down I-85 to bring the pain from Metro the Greenville.

The Thang:

Nash leads off with loop around Legacy Park looking for a flat spot for COP.  Found it.

COP: SSH x20, Merkins x10 (hold em), Peter Parker x10, Imperial Walker x20 (all in cadence)

Mosey to pond at the bottom of the park: Run up first tier (10 rock hoppers), continue to next tier (10 merkins), back to the bottom (10 burpees).  Repeato x3.  Plank at end.  Roll into Mahktar Ndaiye x 10 in cadence.

Mosey to open area on lower north side of park (relatively flat) for SheHateMe variation.  10 squats, 10 mountain climbers, 10 merkins. Repeat cycle until Q calls stop.  Switch out squats to lunges, merkins to diamonds and continue until Q calls stop.

Run up the hill to playground.  Rotate through 3 stations – 7 pull up, 14 dips, 14 squats. Repeat until the Q calls stop.

Hand off to Lee.  Mosey back into middle of the park for 6 minutes of Mary.  Knee ups, dolly, flutter, LBCs, Rosalita, Bicycle (all x15 in cadence).  X-cross sit ups x 10.

Mosey to lower section of the park.  The Beast (6-6-6). Run from bottom up to the top of the park with 3 stops along the way – 6 reps of an exercise at each stop.  Run back to bottom with same 3 stops – 6 reps at each stop. Round 1: wide arm merkins. Round 2: Sumo squat jumps.  Round 3: Baryshnikovs (patent pending). Round 3 and 1/2: burpees (stop at top after 6-6-6 on the burpees)

Finish up with Dry IM – length of volleyball court: Bear crawl down, lunge walk back, crab walk down, frog jump back



Thanks to the Greenville pax for welcoming Nash and Lee as Qs.  Legacy Park is a great spot for F3 and there is a solid core pax building in Greenville.  Good #mumblechatter in the workout and a nice 2nd F spot at Greenfield’s after.

What the Hill?!? Challenge of finding a flat spot in Legacy Park for COP, commenting on the deceiving slopes around the park – lots of open space, good combination of short/steep and long/steady hill opportunities.  As one of the pax noted when YHC commented on the hills – “Welcome to Greenville”.

Crowd Pleasers: Between SheHateMe variations, The Beast, Baryshnikovs and the modified ladder with multiple stops/exercises, there was plenty to enjoy.  Got one comment about 2/3 of the way through: “Can the entire workout be a crowd pleaser?” Brother I hope so.

Welcome to FNG Dennis O’Donnell (The Menace).  Strong showing posting for his first workout – riding the bike to/from for some extra credit.  One week shy of being the War Baby – Debit keeps it.  Keep on coming back out.

Greenville has a BRR team registered.  Still looking to fill a couple of slots on that team.  Welcome any out of area pax to join as well.  Contact OneDirection if interested.

Wednesday Main Thang beatdown is now located at the Peace Center.  13 last week.  Keep the momentum.

Strength/fitness competition opportunity in Greenville on 9/21. Looks like this event is right in the F3 wheelhouse.  Great opportunity for some out of area pax to participate in another #CSAUP event and get to know some Greenville guys. Check out for information.

That is all.

Nash and Lee

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