Bearded Ear Bud Beatdown

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  • Workout Date - 10/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - Posh $pice
  • The PAX - Winslow, Big D, Latka, White Walker, Wifi, Tesh, One Direction, Look Out Below, Punch Out, Malfunction Junction, Mallwalker, Posh $pice
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Legacy Q
Bearded Ear Bud Beatdown
Oh boy, ear buds. 13 Pax escaped the clutches of their fartsacks to post at the home base during the convergence for a Posh $pice get down, pound town. Glad to see some familiar faces, as well as some new! Thanks for joining me guys, now let the pain commence.


Modified Indian Run:
Group will lunge walk while person in the back frog jumps to the front. #thisgonhurtalilbit #butIhaterunning

Partner up!
Your Merkin Max: pick your style of merkin while partner runs the circle.
Flapjack, rinse and repeato
Your Core Max: pick a core exercise while partner runs circle.
Air humpers and flutters were popular choices.
Flapjack, rinse and repeato

One Ds hill with the one and only 1D:
One partner does exercises while other runs to the speed bump and back.
Squat jumps
Power roof raisers

Mosey to playground.
Pain stations:
Group 1:
10*Pull ups
20*Jump Lunges
10*Jack knife squats (per leg)
Group 2:
20*Jump Lunges
10*Jack knife squats (per leg)
10*Pull ups
Plank exercises.

Lunge Walk Frog Jump Indian Run back to starting point.
Indian Walk? The Frogger? #roomiehelp #nameless

Jail break around the Y back to start.
Six MOM:
Plank exercises.
35*Power Roof Raisers
25*Freddie mercuries
10*Wipers #crowdpleaser

Prayer Requests:
Punch Out’s mother-in-law in her battle with pneumonia.
Continued prayers for Erector, Spiccoli, Josiah, Golden Sombrero’s parents in their fight against cancer. We are praying for you brothers, may God show his presence in your lives.
God help Latka’s family member to have a healthy pregnancy, birthing process, and to bring a healthy baby into the world.
Prayers for all my F3 brothers and whatever life changes they may be going through. Let’s be there for each other. #ELE

One Direction: Dine Out For Mom!
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it doesn’t matter just use the coupon and 20% of the proceeds go to Let There Be Mom. Started in 2007, LTBM was founded by Kipra Anderson (Gunnar’s wife) and it is focused on finding the families whose mother or father have contracted life threatening illnesses. They have helped 100 families since 2007. The purpose is to set up legacies for the children once their parents are gone. They do clothing, memory videos, scrapbooks, letters from their mothers and fathers for graduation, marriage, and times when their words are valuable and comforting. It’s obvious that this is an amazing cause, and will continue to bring relief to these individuals. Come out and support them next week at Golden Strip, Silver Strip name pending for this AO, for the 1D and Tesh Golden Strip Challenge! Contact 1D for more info. A little birdy told me 1D was also buying Java Jolt coffees for everyone!
Praise and prayers for Tebow, congrats and Godspeed on your cross country efforts brother, keep it up!

Thanks again for bringing it this morning fellas. Great work by all of you!

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