Bearded Batman Beatdown

  • Workout Date - 05/20/2014
  • Q In Charge - Posh
  • The PAX - PAX: 31 Spongebob, FNG-Nick Egan-Vinnie Von Goh Goh, Earth Mover, Punkin' spice (mocha cookie crumble frappe), Slim, Hootie, Domer, Screech, Urkel, Houdini, Bubba Gump, Maverick, Uptight, Turbotax, Dollywood, Holla, Zoilla, Stewey, Longbottom, Handi Manni, FNG-Tracy Bowen-Heisman, 1040, Mr. Winslow, Malpractice, Clowney, TBC, Posh. ¬†#forgettingwho? #mybad ¬†Ruckers: Grim Reaper, Iceman, Satisfry #goodlivin' #ruckspect
  • AO -


Diamond merkins*10, er 5 #Shouldn’tQitcouldn’tDoit

Mosey to larkins on the river:
Partner up: size matters, coordination and balance necessary.
One partner; double four count Russian twist crunches*15 IC
Second partner; down and hold on first partners’ feet. #windyouthere #YHCcaughtawhiff
Flapjack-rinse and repeat

25 four count high knees in place OYO
Elbow plank when done.
50 squating arm raises OYO
Elbow plank when done.
50 shoulder touches OYO
6 inches when done.
50 air humpers OYO (#spongebobanti-squarepants)

Partner firemans carry and piggy back. #sorrybouttheheadacheSlim (side note) 1D carried me at the end of the Mudrun, after tearing his shoulder up #respect #manup #nomanleftbehind

25 four count high knees in place OYO
50 squating arm raises OYO
50 air humpers OYO (#spongebobanti-squarepants)

Mosey to peace center:
Pain stations:
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to murasaki and back, plank up

6 MOM: gotta love er!
15 Flutters
30 second 6 inches
15 Freddie mercuries
30 second 6 inches
15 Russian twists
30 second 6 inches
30 flutters

Announcements: Ring of Fire at Greenville High School Track on Wednesdays. Circle of Fire #circleofjerks at Riverside Middle School on Fridays. Convergence next Monday at Conestee.

Prayer requests: all F3ers who are injured (Grit, 1D, others unspoken)
Lingering prayer requests: Golden Sombrero’s dad, Erector finding new job to support family.
All unspoken prayers, have faith in God and he will help. However, you should never give up hope. God’s greatest gifts are sometimes unanswered prayers.

Thanks for coming out and entertaining my unique Q! Props to the PAX, good work everyone. Another Bearded Beatdown will be Thursday at the burbs. (Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church) Hope to see y’all there!


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