Does a bear pee in the woods?

  • Workout Date - 09/21/2017
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Carl's Jr, DuPlo, Tiny Dancer, Keystone, Quaker, Shiner, Clapper, Gluten, T-Bag, Mr Burns, Brown Shorts
  • AO - Powder Keg

Wasn’t sure if I’d be up to Q this morning but as we always say, the Q’drenaline gave me a boost of energy. I don’t normally ask for prayers for myself but I will today. It’s a scary sight to see blood in your urine. Lucky, I guess, for me it was nothing more than a bladder infection and a swollen prostate. It seems as I get older these things seem to continue to happen. I didn’t tell the men out of pride so we just went to work.

Warm Up- SSH, MC, Slow windmills (Gotta get the stretch), Slow Imperial Walkers

Our next destination is the block pile. How we got their was unorthodox. The Bearpee is similar to a Jack Webb. 1 Burpee: 4 count bear crawl. The PAX begin grumbling. It takes us 6:24 to get to the blocks.

Blocks- Start with 21 guns. 7/7/7. On your 6 for 20 IC flutters. 10 overhead presses, 10 triceps OYO. New exercise! Annie. In plank position one hand scrubs the floor for four count then switch. 21 guns.7/7/7. On your 6. Outlaw. Feet together and make big circles with your feet. 20 OYO clockwise, 20 counter. 10 overhead presses, 10 triceps, 10 straight arm lifts. On your 6. Cross Dollies. Dolly with arms out to your side like on a Cross. 20 IC. Blocks away!!!

Mosey the long way to the front of the church. Two rounds of People’s Chair with various arm exercises.

Mosey toward the bottom of the steps. I promise I had another exercise picked out but the PAX insisted on a Joe Hendricks. Three sets of stairs, bear crawl between.

At the top we tried a new exercise. Crab jacks. It sounded good on paper. Scratch that one off my list.

Mosey bag to the flag for Mary.

LBC, 10 Burpee Flyover, Reverse LBC, Rosalita with some protractor, and Peter Parker to end it.

A- Hope Relay, Grinch 5K, Qs open in October

P- T-Bag sisters, victims of the disasters around the world, friend of Carl’s Jr, Keystone’s sister, Slug and family, Gluten work colleague, Clappers new church plant.

Romans 5:3-5

Always a pleasure,

Brown Shorts

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