Be careful what you ask..

  • Workout Date - 06/19/2017
  • Q In Charge - The Imitator Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - "THE" Hard Hat, Uber, Slap Chop (WB), The Original Floppy (WD), Floppy Disc (YHC)
  • AO -

So YHC and @Uber had a conversation a couple weeks ago about posting together.  YHC can only travel so far during the school year, so it’s time for the #SummerTour of the @F3SwampRabbit region.  Trying to hit a few of the farther away AOs to connect with pax seldom seen, but often chatted with over #DaTwittah. Fortunately for YHC, @Uber and @Floppy are some of the faithful at Edwards Road Baptist Church, so we fellowship outside of F3.

(side note – if you are looking for a strong, bible believing, missions oriented fellowship of believers, let me know.  ERBC is where we are, and I’ll be glad to introduce you to our family.)

Back to the business at hand.  YHC put it out on twitter to see who had the Q for this fine morning, and it was offered up as open. Bad move Scherbatsky. YHC dusted off a #Weinke that is seldom used, but is often a #Crowdpleaser – The FLORA

Conditions: Somewhere in the 70s, and the humidity dial was set to 11. #SweatfestBegins

Mission and Disclaimer: Covered for the veteran pax that showed.  Didn’t want to leave any indications that this was a professionally led group.

  • WU
  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC

Let’s mosey round the AO #NativeAmericanStyle

Thang 1 : Jack the Ripper 11s

Once we arrived at the speed bumps on the back side of the church parking lot, the following instructions were given:

  • 1 BBSU – 10 Freddie Mercuries, with a 20 yard run between speed bumps.
  • Rinse and repeat until 10 BBSU – 1 Freddie Mercury

Feels like your abs are getting a #Beatdown? #MissionAccomplished

Thang 2: Flora 1, 2, 3

Mosey over to Ye Olde Coupon Shed, and let’s pick up a couple friends. #BigBoyBlocks were distributed to all pax, and we moseyed to the lower lot. Partner up, and let’s start the following:

  • 100 Merkins – 10 wide, 10 standard, 10 diamond, 10 left staggered, 10 right staggered.  Each pax planks with feet on the block.  P1 does their 10, P2 holds plank in whichever stance is next.  Flapjack.  Once all 100 merkins are done, take your block for a lap around the island.
  • 200 LBCs – P1 holds block above chest, and does 20 LBCs. P2 holds block above chest, and legs 6″ off ground.  Flapjack. Once all 200 LBCs are done, lap around the island with your brick.
  • 300 Goblet Squats – P1 does 30 goblet squats, P2 holds Al Gore with block to chest.  Flapjack.  Once all 300 squats are done, take a lap with your brick.

Lets go put these blocks back where we found them, and then mosey back around the church the long way #NativeAmericanStyle back to the flag.


See above for 11s and LBCs – no further Mary necessary.


Annc – F3 Dads at Powderkeg 7/8 – Regular Bootcamp at 0700, Dads at 0800.

  • Prayers for Beth LaGrange with cancer treatments.
  • Prayers for @Longbottom – 1st year without his dad for Fathers Day
  • Prayers for all the pax in their relationship to our Heavenly Father

The Moleskin

  • It is a privilege and a pleasure to lead the pax of other AOs – thanks for entrusting that leadership to my care.
  • There was NO breeze at all this AM – AT ALL
  • The Gate went with the #IndustrialSizeBlocks for their coupon enjoyment. They will leave a mark.
  • @Floppy proved to be the beast that he is – finished Flora with an extra 30 #JumpSquatsWithCoupon – my quads and forearms were protesting just at the sight of that alone.
  • Fuel for @Slapchop – broccoli and water. Fuel for @HardHat – Steak and beer. #TheDifferenceIsObvious

Always a pleasure gents.  I wouldn’t do this alone.

Floppy Disc.

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