Bday and BARs – Another moving #Matinee

  • Workout Date - 02/01/2016
  • Q In Charge - Uncle Remus
  • The PAX - Mudpuppy, Epee, Grit, Data, Spaceballs, Teddy Bear, Pacer, FNG (Ditka), Uncle Remus (YHC)
  • AO -

9 men gathered in Falls Park on an absolutely perfect day for a mid-day Matinee.  Pacer originally had the Q but after suffering #egoshinsplintsfromhedoublehockeysticks YHC agreed to take the reigns and “go easy”.


SSH x20

I think this is new… so we’re naming it Side Step Sumo Lunge (SSSL)
In cadence
1. Lift right leg
2. Swing let out to the right
3. Squat
4. Stand up bringing your left leg in – right foot stays planted

Alternate legs (right leg odd count, left leg even count)

IW x20

Mosey down to the BAR by the river (bring attention to what “top of the hill” means for later) for:

BAR 11’s:
Muk-Tar-Jies at the bottom (start at 1)
Jump squats at the top

Mosey to the bottom of the traffic circle on Furman Hall Rd.:

Quickie wanted to Q today for his bday queue but was at the hospital for his 2.0’s MRI so in honor
of his b-day we’re doing Tricycle’s 34’s… sort of… 43’s and Quickie is 44 today and not 43 so let’s not get caught up on details let’s just go.

4 Derkins at the bottom (feet on the curb)
run up to that place I pointed out was the top of the hill
3 burpees

Rinse and repeat AMRAP for 15 minutes

Mosey back to the Shakespeare stage with jail break across the stone bridge to finish

Flutters x25
LBCs x10
Reverse LBCs x15
Box cutters x15
1 min low plank
Dead cockroach x15
Nekkid Moleskin:

Welcome FNG hailing from the #meh state of Wisconsin – Ditka

Drifter 6k this Saturday morning – 8:15 pre-Q – post Q following race. If anyone is feeling froggy, Data and YHC are taking a quick jaunt over to the Donaldson Center and running the 7.1 mile loop after the race.

BrewRuck – 1/13. See Epee or Data for details

Prayers for a good report coming in for Quickie’s son who’s having an MRI done today.

Always a pleasure to get together, brothers!

Uncle Remus

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  1. Missing my brothers at Matinee. Plan to come cheer ya’ll on, or otherwise give words of encouragement (in my usual fashion) in the near future. In the meantime, I hereby bestow my #mumblechatter powers upon Uncle Remus. I need you to ride the PAX ruthlessly, brother. Give ’em hell till I get back.

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