Battlefrog OCR 6/21 – Winnsboro, SC (50% off for the Nation!)

  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
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Event attrition… how do we work past it? Everyone is always looking for the next best thing, the next challenge, or just something different. Sometimes the same old races just wont cut it.

We are going to be trying something new. No, obstacle racing isn’t new. Walls, ropes, mud… aren’t new. What is new is the BattleFrog series that will be coming to Winnsboro on June 21st that looks to be a fairly different obstacle race.

There are several options which you will find on the website, however I recommend looking at the 15K race. This race is just long enough to crush you, just short enough to sprint, and the obstacles are purposeful (this is opinion not fact). Throwing a spear is no gauge of athletic value, and the guys at Battlefrog have ensured us that this race will be challenging no matter how fast or slow you run, and a ton of fun. Think of this like a longer USMC MudRun, sans the team.

They have options for the kids too, so bring the M’s & 2.0’s if they are interested in seeing what #CSAUP is… Our very own bunny (lower case b) will be hitting the inaugural race on 5/31 to challenge Hobie Call for first place. He will report back his findings, and hopefully his winnings.

Side note  bunny just placed 2nd to the Spartan famous Hobie Call at the inaugural event in Atlanta today! If you don’t come to race, come to see one of our very own take first place this go around… he doesn’t like losing!


Where: Carolina Adventure World – Site of the Spartan Beast

When: June 21st, 0800 first heat (if you sign up for this heat we have time preference!) If you sign up for later you will receive that heat.

Why: #CSAUP, its new and its going to be challenging

Code: 50% off registration using code “F3NATION” (not eligible for elite heat due to cash prize pot)


We have no commitment or minimums to fulfill, these gents have kindly offered F3 50% off to see if it meets our #CSAUP standard. All you have to do is use the code “F3NATION” and BAM – 50% off.

Hope to see you out there, this promises to be a great event!


35 thoughts on “Battlefrog OCR 6/21 – Winnsboro, SC (50% off for the Nation!)”

  1. Must say it’s a great race. This new series has done a great job in the design of their course. Many of us have completed races at Carolina Adventure World in the past so it is a given that the terrain will be a challenge. Can’t say enough positive things about the obstacles. They have definitely gone for quality or quantity, custom building many of their obstacles on site. No more wheeling them in and out of a truck as quickly as possible just to get your registration fee and move on.
    Strongly suggest this race to anyone and everyone. Especially with the killer deal we have been offered. Get in this year before popularity and demand explodes next time around. Columbia, here’s another shot to show up the metro boys. And don’t make me start calling out names to those of you in my crew. Let’s show the world of crossfitters and gym rats who we are…AGAIN.

  2. Bunny has been keeping this a secret so the rest of us have been training like the 6:14 club so he has a better chance of winning. This race looks tempting even though I have not run 9 miles since last august and will be looking for a wall to slap at mile 7.

    Bunny – roughly how many obstacles? Wondering how much running on average there is distance between them

  3. Can’t remember exactly, but thinking 18-20 obstacles total. Like any obstacle race, really are not all obstacles. Going through a creek is an obstacle, jumping logs, you know the deal. But would say 15 solid obstacles. And doubt it will be 9 miles, but could be. Think today was more around 7miles. Took me 55minutes roughly, and no way was I running 6minute miles on an obstacle course.

    Do it do it.

  4. This might be your last chance to see bunny before he goes pro. He will sign autographs, even babies foreheads

    Seriously though, this event looks awesome. No better way to train for fall than show up for an unexpected race in the summer. You’ve got 3 weeks, plenty of time.

    1. So curious who these so called chicks are besides @Parker and @theboz? You get @scrubway signed up as well to pad your winnings? No way you talk to actual chicks.

      1. Same crew that ran the whitewater relay so you should remember. Oh that’s right, you bailed on us and left us hanging with five people.
        Thanks again Spoons. Welcome to southbeach buddy.

        1. He is like an old (gelded) race horse. He needs ample time in between starts. Too many races early on in the season and he will never make it to the fall championship races due to soreness and injury. It’s best he blew you off in the Whitewater Relay rather than him quit midway through the BRR. I ran into Coach K this weekend and he started running again. Maybe you just replace Cindy before it’s too late. Maybe TD will take him back on Core…assuming he is fast enough to make that squad.

          1. He’s slowing quickly, but fast enough for CORE – I heard that hollywood marriage was on the rocks anyway. Something about bunny’s personal #JimmyHart upset over #Octomom not loving each of the 8 equally.

          2. Cindy would be welcomed back. Once Team Core, always Team Core. Regarding your request to join us, we will look forward to further discussion over some cold ones soon.

      1. Have you tried mobile deposit? You should take your giant check and write memoirs of the big ass check. It would have to be better than the diaries of the busted paw, and probably a lot faster read too.

        Its more than the medal and visor you got from USMC.

  5. Ouch. Southbeach… @TasmanianDevil just said she is putting together a team of Gastonia supermodels for the race. Calling out southbeach. Claims Cindy is too old and has lost his competitive edge, FiveO may get his frohawk messed up, and IH hasnt challenged anyone since getting his lucky purple and gold banana hammock framed.

  6. Easy there shank. No one has seen Dream since the massacre. Just like PDiddys version of dream on making the band, it worked at first but was bound to fail. Time to start calling these guys OTown.

    1. Checkpoint, he is not yet signed up, although I learned today that there is onsight registration. If you have convinced him to run, then that is news to me. As for carpooling – we can work it out – I have 4 in my suburban right now with room for 3 more. Let’s meet at 6am at Caribou at Park Road Shopping Center. Safe travels today.

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