BattleFrog CSAUP – Game of Inches

  • Workout Date - 06/21/2014
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX - Uncle, Dredd, Monkey Feet, Bunny, Mutiny, Haggis, Spoons, Second Coming, Little Baby Jesus, Spotter, Checkpoint, Checkpoint 2.0, Fa So La, Nancy Drew, missing a bunch..
  • AO -

A band of 20 or so brothers heard the call on a steamy Saturday morning and jumped in the belly of the BattleFrog. It did not disappoint.


All of a 15K and 25 Obstacle course winding through Carolina Adventure World.



#Tough – It’s hard to gauge one from the other these days. Muthaship Monday takes everything out of perspective, but YHC and most others looked like zombies crossing the finish line.  The combination of hills, tough obstacles, and muddy trails gave us our money’s worth.

#WhereIsYourInsuranceCard – Our resident Yogi Monkey Feet beasted the first 8 miles of the course, since his muscle to height ratio exceeds most others on the planet, he #LeBronned. We got the call to go to the medic tent to watch him get shot up. But wait, where is your insurance card bro? Needless to say that didn’t get over well with the PAX at all. He got the IV soon after that ill-timed comment, Spoons jumped in the ambulance headed to the middle of nowhere with no hesitation and a wife on the course. All made for a good story. How can a country that does so many things right, have a healthcare system this jacked up?! Tclaps to Bunny for giving his medal to MF for a picture as we’re leaving the hospital. It’s not a race unless there is a trip to the ER. #Fact














#mile3? WTF! – The first mile marker was at mile 3, before I saw that YHC has been calculating we were on about mile 7.  That was about the time I realized mommy wasn’t gonna come save me and I was in for one long @ss morning. #DFQ

#Respect – Checkpoint and LBJ having the 2.0’s side by side for this is a great sight to see, I’d imagine the young bucks will remember that experience for a lifetime. Also, I always give respect to Dredd, Nancy Drew, and the other beasts in F3 who always lay it down like they have something to prove. We do have something to prove every day no matter where we are in life. A CSAUP challenge will wake your ass up and remind of you of that fact. #GameOfInches

#Grinders – Haggis is a sleeper despite the skunked hair, not many from Metro and the rest of the world can hang with him on gameday, FSL just about did though, with a hangover and rainbow bright shoes, AND so did @Spotter, brother fresh from the marines, started in the back and cordially passed each one of us on the course. Stopping to chit chat along the way, strong brother.

#Champ – Bunny brought a picnic basket full of food for the morning with enough bird food to feed all four of Spoons passengers. Then proceeded to take a modified 2nd place on the course and another publishing clearinghouse check. It’s a matter of time. #D2X

#Jockey – @HobieCall all 5’3″ and 135 lb’s of him steps out and marches in front of the Elite heat trying to drum up a Tiger Woods pre-scandal intimidation factor. Ok, the guy is a sick athlete and the spartan cover boy, but he also has the Tom Cruise/Sylvester Stallone thing going. He just doesn’t add up in person. Camera gives him about 2 feet.











#BallofHumanity – The pre-race ball of humanity included a crew of ladies, totally threw Dredd off his game.

That’s all I got, this was a true CSAUP event. Pushed us all to the level we were looking for and it made for an awesome morning.  It felt like they picked the hardest 9 miles of trails out there. Seemed like we were constantly going up and down hills particularly the back half of the race, and we were consistently muddy the whole time. Temps did not help either.

The obstacles at the end are not gimmicks at all. Two rope climbs with slides down the other end, not easy. Mile 8 – 9 calf cramps were coming on and hard to avoid especially jumping over this incline wall that is in the water.  Mutiny was a little ahead of me throughout and I’m pissed I didn’t show the guts to overtake him even though he was in striking distance at the end. See you next time.

There was a lot of waist level mud pits to get through, which can wear on you and carve up your shins #IR. Cargo Nets, Rope Climbs, Rope Traverse, 8 Foot walls, Log carries up/downhill, dual water jug carries, etc. I thought the obstacles were good and very functional, but not overly impressive, nothing ground breaking. Paintball target shooting is way better then spear-throw!

With that said, it feels like there is ample financial backing to battlefrog. They don’t seem desperate for signups and are not over promoting it as a biggest loser competition where everyone gets a trophy, a few events at a time, that means the quality of the product stands for itself. Beautiful morning of F3 CSAUP. Aye.

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