Bat Signal

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Wilson, EarthMover, FoiGras, BigShort, SlapChop, Squints, Iceman
  • AO -

7 men posted at #TheBurbs for #GetMovinMonday. YHC saw @EarthMover’s Sunday night #batsignal and answered the call. Truth be known, it was a #premptivestrike to avoid a @Bartman #beatdown.

SSH x33 number of runs scored by Carolina baseball on Sunday (2 games)
Merkins x10 (3 count at the bottom)
Squats x15

Mosey to the covered area on the corner of the church for 4 corners

C1 – 15 squats
C2 (rails) – 20 pullups
C3 – 20 freddy mercury’s (DC)
C4 – Joe Hendrix (peoples chair waiting on all to finish)
rinse and repeat, adding 5 reps

Mosey down to the retaining wall for 7’s
Derkins —> bear crawl —> X&O’s

Backwards run halfway up the hill, stopping for some core work
LBC’s x20 (3 count at the top)
Chilcutt for 1 min
Flutters x10 (legs out wide)
Chilcutt for 70 secs

@FoiGras didn’t look tired so let’s do the 7’s again

Derkins —> bear crawl —> X&O’s

Mosey up the hill for 6MOM (dealer’s choice)

@BigShort – air presses x50 oyo
@SlapChop – Merican Hammers x15
@FoiGras – arm circles
@EarthMover – glute bridge
@Wilson – burpees x5
@Squints – Jacques Cousteau x22
@Iceman – merkin medley – 5 Larry Craigs, 5 regular, 5 diamond, 5 regular, 5 Larry Craigs


Naked Moleskin
– I contemplated an #IndianRun but @Squints may have #throatpunched me. So we settled for mosey’s around the Church
– @FoiGras continues to #LarryBird the Q while wearing a #weightvest. I over heard @SlopChop looking for a lead pipe #tonayharding
– We’ve decided @Bartman is a #workoutsnob. Only shows if he has the Q!! ; )
– @SlopChop’s clock is running slow. He showed up at 0531 #timecheck

– @Wilson’s coworker’s nephew who died in a car accident this weekend
– @Squints friend who died
– @Squints 6 week trip with his son
– @Sherpa as he recovers from a torn achilles (in Kathmandu)

– Dirt-A-Lope is this Sat, 6/11 at Conestee park 0700
– F3Dads 6/18 at Legacy Park 0815

Today’s prayer requests reminded us that life is short so make the most of it. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while or even a stranger. A friendly smile and short conversation can make a a big difference in someone’s life.

See ya in the gloom……


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