Bambi's Birthday Q

  • Workout Date - 09/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Bambi
  • The PAX - Affordable Care Act, Hooch, MO, Dr. Phil, Sammy, Thumper, The Situation, Hulk Smash, Pretty Lovin Guy, Cool Breeze, Homeward Bounce, The Friz, ATM, Whisper, Hook N Ladder, Look out Below, Third Base
  • AO -

On 9/4/1970, I was born into this world. Little did I know that 45 years later, I would have a cool name like, BAMBI. So that 18 PAX could share in my special day, I decided to plan the post around the number 45. And the day begins….

Warm up: 1 x 45 burpees

Main Thang:

Phase 1: Vortex of Pain with Dumbbells

  • Station 1: Full Nelsons (Squat presses) x 45
  • Transition: Lunge walk w/ weights overhead
  • Station 2: Donkey Kongs x 45
  • Transition: Bear crawls
  • Station 3: Machine Guns x 45 each arm
  • Transitions: Lunge walk w/ weights overhead
  • Station 4: Squats x 45

Phase 2: DORA: 450s in Gas Chamber

  • Partner 1: Curls x 200…Partner 2: Bear crawl to wall and back
  • Partner 1: Tricep Ext x 150…Partner 2: Lung walk to wall and back
  • Partner 1: Burpees x 45…Partner 2: Crab crawl to wall and back

Mary – no time or energy remained.

Announcements/ Prayers:

  • F3 Golf Tournament, 10/8 at Bonnie Brae
  • Oakview Reading Day to mentor a child, Training 10/2 @ 9am-10am. Contact Affordable Care Act if interested.
  • Thumpers family friend, wife having hip surgery (Courtny Lapse)
  • Cool Breeze’s new job
  • Terry with pulmonary problems

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