Balls of Steel

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

16 Conejos planted the shovel flag and were given a #beatdown up by a little ball with a handle


The Thang:

SSH x30
Merkins x12
IW x25

Mosey (with KB) to mid park for

KB Ladder
2 handed swing x10
Reverse lunge (w/pass thru the legs) x10
Goblet Squat x10
Single leg dead lift x10
Two stage backwards suicide after each exercise, plank after until all finished
Repeato each exercise x15 with two stage karaoke suicide, plank after until all finished
Repeato each exercise x20 with two stage sprint suicide, plank after until all finished

Drop your bells and mosey to the pond for
Derkins and jump ups
Derkins x15 (IC) and Jump ups x15
Derkins x10 (IC) and Jump ups x15
Rosalita x20

Straight into…

Burpee hill #crowdpleaser
Starting near the pond, move up 3 hills
5 burpees at the foot of the first hill
10 at the foot of the second hill
15 at the last

Special guest appearance from…

Jack Webb #crowdpleaser no.2
1 merkin and 4 air presses
2 merking and 8 air presses
up to 6 and 24

Mosey back up the hill for

6MOM w/ KB
Halo x5 each direction, repeato
Around the world x5 each direction, repeato
Sit and press (single arm) x5 each arm, repeato
Renegade row x5 each arm, repeato
Back scratchers x20


Naked Moleskin
– Great work by everyone today #1stF
– Yes, I know KB’s are made of iron, but using steel in the title had a better sound to it
– KB’s never disappoint and smoked YHC #nopainnogain
– We continue to lift up Spicoli as well as FNG Scoop’s father with their health issues #3rdF

– Considering adding a second location for weekday workouts. Stay tuned for updates
– Also considering a second location or additional day for HDHH #2ndF
– Working on F3 party, including M’s and 2.0’s. Bartman, Hootie and Maverick have the Q for the party. Details to follow #2ndF
– Starting to put together teams for the USMC Ultimate Mud Run (Oct 12 in Columbia) #1stand2ndF



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