It’s All Ball Bearings These Days

  • Workout Date - 03/15/2018
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Bubba Gump, HoosierDaddy, PETA, Hot'nReady, Three Buck Chuck, Crash (WD), Hootie, Squints, Sherpa, Change Order, Junk Bond, Spring Break, Iceman
  • AO - Main Thang

13 men planted the #shovelflag at the #MaintThang, premiere AO in the upstate (sorry #TheStation guys). @DoubleWindsor had something come up so I grabbed the Q. I’ve been on the DL so put together a workout that was close to a 0.0 (just a little jogging involved).

The Thang:

SSH x20 just for @Houdini but he didn’t show
Tempo Merkins x10
Squats x15

Mosey to the parking lot at end of the Peace Center (by the intersection of River and Broad)…
Partner up for a #LazyDora
P1 – exercise while P2 holds a static exercise. #Flapjack as needed until required reps are hit.
Merkins x50 / plank
Oblique LBC’s x100 / 6″
Side Lunge x150 / people’s chair

Mosey up River St, right on Court St to the alley between Grace Church and the Westin parking deck.
Line up on the wall for #PeoplesIndianRun
Everyone assumes #peopleschair, person on the end drops and does 5 merkins, then bear crawls to the front of the line. We did this 2 times and both times @Crash burned holes in my face with his obvious disdain #crowdpleaser

Mosey up to McBee, then right on Main down to the steps behind the Peace Center for #LazyDora – part deaux
P1 – exercise while P2 holds a static exercise. #Flapjack as needed until required reps are hit.
Back scratcher’s x150 / people’s chair
Squats x100 / Al Gore
Supine pullups x50 / plank

Once everyone was done, mosey up the steps and back to the flag.

Last thing to cover – 7’s
Derkins and American Hammers, bear crawling between benches #crowdpleaserNo2

No time for Mary but we got plenty of core


Naked Moleskin:
– That workout was put together rather quickly but was a tough one.
– Never seen @Crash respond that way to an exercise. He clearly misses @Caviar….
– @Hot’NReady was in #beastmode with his #weightvest on #sorrynotsorry about all the leg work
– And by @Sherpa’s reaction (and my own legs), that was tough on the quads….

– Reminder of several running workouts in the area – Ring Of Fire (Wed at 0515 – launch from Downtown Starbucks) and Beastside (Wed at 0515 at Eastside High). Also a hill workout on Mondays and longer runs on Sundays (both downtown)

– @Squints and the family travel to CA for a junior ski tournament (yes, I thought @Squints as too old for this as well)
– @AlpoHugs
– @Iceman’s friend’s Mom battling cancer

See ya in the gloom….

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