Baldwin has a message for the Lions Den

  • Workout Date - 12/09/2014
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Mr. Winslow, San Diago, Wammo, Gold Shoes, Ice Man, Goggles, Clapper, Miss Daisy, Double Windsor & Houdini
  • AO -

MT closed on a new December Post with their #downpainment, tea-bagged a parking deck & didn’t violate any sanctions by consuming heated fuel prior to coffateria – all by 615AM  …

10 Beef Cakes showed up not expecting free coffee, just a good ole fashion shellacking in the gloom.  We didn’t need any Styrofoam cups to drink in the main thang Spanky Time!!

Warm up: Mountain Climbers X40 Merkins X15 Squats X20

Mountain Climbers X60 Merkins X30 Squats X40

Mosey & pause at light for 5 Burpees

The Thang:

Sun Trust Plaza:

Dips X20 IC

Wall Jumps X20

LBCs X40

Rinse & Repeat

MOSEY to parking deck

Getting it DONE:

L1 Merkins X15

L2 Merkins X15 Squats X20

L3 Merkins X15 Squats X20 RT X20

L4 Merkins X15 Squats X20 RT X40 MCs X40

L5 Merkins X15 Squats X20 RT X40 MCs X40 LBCs X40

L6 Merkins X15 Squats X20 RT X40 MCs X40 LBCs X40 Burpees X10 Beam touches X20

(Level climbs were a mix of Bear Crawls/Lunges/Backward Sprints/Peoples Chair/ Plank)


5 Merkins to start add 1 Merkin each level all the way down.

MOSEY down Main back to the house

Pause for Merkins X10 / Backward Sprint / Merkins X10


Dips on the slow Q count X10

Freddy Mercs X20 IC

6 Inches

Flutters X20


Naked Moleskin:

Prayer Requests:

Double Windsor has met family out-of-pocket and has application in to GHS for assistance – please keep his family in your thoughts

Clapper traveling to China for a 4 week stint to adopt a baby girl

Inspector Gadgets family surrounding recent events


Drifter will be a big F3 outing, sign up and show up

December 20 is Christmas in Mauldin, can goods to fill backpacks for kids in the area who are in need

Shake a leg,

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