Bags of Hate

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

26 men rolled out of the fartsack, planted the shovel flag and were rewarded with loads of pain…..


The Thang:

SSH x25
Merkins x15
IW x25
Count off 1’s and 2’s.

Mosey to the steps leading to the amphitheater
Don’t forget to the bring the 4 sandbags with us

Group 1 – Sandbag work
Sandbag man-makers x10 (at the bottom of the steps)
Sandbag squats x10 (at the top)

PAX not working with sandbags do core work (lbc’s, flutters, etc) until it’s their turn to tote the bag
repeato with man-makers x5 and squats x10

Group 2 – 11’s on the amphitheater seats/steps
Burpees at the bottom #BurpeesWithoutSandbagsAreEasy #Not!
Derkins at the top

Groups flapjack

Once both groups are done, we convene for
Joe Hendricks #1
pair up with one partner planking (feet on step) while the other person jumps over then backwards bear crawl under the partners legs
flapjack and repeat x10, x5, x5, x5

Mosey back up to the front of the PC, (don’t forget the sandbags)

LBC’s with clap (clap hands underneath legs at top of crunch)
V-up – 30 sec, then 45 sec
Freddie Mercury
Stop motion dolly’s
Dead cockroach

Naked Moleskin
– YHC was tired of all the running-centric workouts so we stayed on campus at the PC for a core beatdown #sturdyundercarriage
– Man-makers with 30lb sandbags get your attention real quick #realdeal
– YHC coughed up a loogy/hairball during 6MOM that got (and derserved) some serious #mumblechatter. That thing could be there when we return on Tues
– @Maverick called the sandbags “bags of hate”. #spoton
– For those counting at home, we did 70 burpees (15 man-maker style) and 85 pushups (including warmup) #wecandobetter

– Men’s Roundtable was awesome on Wed. Still not too late to join – 5 session left. Contact YHC or @Bartman if interested
– Snowden shares his testimony this Sat. at #Legacy. Testimony starts at 0630, followed by the workout at 0700

See ya in the gloom……


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