Backwards Dora

  • Workout Date - 06/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, NSA (No Strings Attached), Ricky Bobby, Doublewide, Alfred, iTunes, Wally, Belfort, Blades, Spring Break, Perry Mason
  • AO -

10 men joined YHC for some backwards Dora at The Station.  Conditions were balmy, but at least the sprinklers were off until we were finishing up the workout.


SSH x 25

Mountain Climbers x 20

Burpees x 10

Main Thang

We moseyed over to Dora’s island for the countdown.  300 squats, 200 LBCs, 100 merkins, and a bonus round of 25 pullups.  We also got 10 bonus burpees when the first train of the morning rolled through.  Since this is backwards Dora, that also means you run the laps backwards.  Or at least that was the idea until we audibled to alternating laps forward and backward to lower the odds of anyone falling into the pond and to increase the odds that YHC would be able to finish.  But thanks to Longbottom for the idea from doing backwards Indian Run at Beastside.

Next we moseyed to the ampitheater for Joe Hendrix up the stairs at the back, duck walk across the top, and crab walk down the other stair.  Run a lap around the fountain, then rinse and repeat.  As the PAX were ready to power through round 2, we heard another train.  10 more burpees.

We still had a few minutes left, so we circled up near the fountain to avoid the sprinklers for Jack Webb x5 and Dan Taylor x4.  Time for Mary.


Erector x20

Russian twists x20 (single count, OYO)

Heels to heaven x20

Rosalita x20



Continued prayers for Walker and his family.  Continued prayers for Charleston and the families of the victims.  Prayers for iTunes’ father who is undergoing tests.

It was a pleasure as always.

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