Backblast: The Crucible 6/6/14

  • Workout Date - 06/06/2014
  • Q In Charge - Mega Mu
  • The PAX - Turbo Tax, Preppy, Montrose, Punkin, Bartman, Eppe, Aloha, Hakuna Matata, Saddle Sore, Padre, Grit, Sponge, Hootie, Scuba, Longbottom, Slim, Pledge, Zoila, Mega Mu, Malpractice (missing a few)
  • AO -

23 Pax defied recommendations and left their climate-controlled fartsacks to join YHC in what would become nothing more than a fulfilled promise with a side of complimentary humidity. The first lap started fairly slowly, but the desire to avoid the pullup station bottleneck soon took over, and the PAX took off in pursuit of their piece of Swamp Rabbit glory.

The Thang:

Partner Up
Starting at picnic shelter 5, run 4 laps (clockwise) around the Ramona Graham fitness trail. Complete the exercises at the indicated locations (reps listed are total for you and your partner)

Station 1 – Playground just past volley ball pit
30 Burpees

Station 2 – Corner of Canine Corners
40 Smurf Jacks

Station 3 – Intersection of path (keep right)
40 Merkins

Station 4 – Bridge (before going over)
40 Squat Jumps

Station 5 – Pullup bar
20 Pullups

After completing the second lap, it was apparent that the #VirtualTrophy was going to go to one of two teams. The question was, would it be Hootie and SpongeBob or Slim and Longbottom?

Trick question! Tclaps to Scuba Steve and Punkin who were able to steal the #VT out from under them #pullupcheatcodes

When asked about the victory, Scuba very calmly said, “You shouldn’t put pullups at the end. I’ll win every time”

Naked Molekskin:
-Good to see the PAX come out in force for the chance to etch their names in Swamp Rabbit history
-Having a partner adds a level of accountability that keeps everyone working hard #togetbetter #runwithsomeonestronger
-Nice to see the PAX from other AOs
-To ensure the workout finishes on time, be sure to show up 5-10 minutes early to pick partners and to discuss any uncertainties with the course #YHCguiltiestofall

-Praise that Erector’s surgery went well and prayers for a quick recovery
-Prayers for Grit
-3rd F starting soon (downtown at lunch), stayed tuned for details

2 thoughts on “Backblast: The Crucible 6/6/14”

  1. several firsts for me here: finishing the crucible (not easy), being paired with a machine Epee! And last but not least……being War freaking Daddy!! I’m officially old!

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