Backblast- Ring of Fire

  • Workout Date - 05/14/2002
  • Q In Charge - Slim
  • The PAX - Domer, SpongeBob, WiFi, Esther, Tesh, Dollywood, Slim
  • AO -

7 pax defied the rising humidity levels for a sneaky tough 2-1-30 workout followed by a 1D special, the Ab Slicer.

The Thang:

1 mile mosey warm up, followed by four rounds of 2 minutes at Repetition (R) pace (calculated here, 1 minute recover, 1 minute R pace, 30 seconds recover, 30 seconds R pace, 30 seconds recover, repeato. Close with 1 mile mosey cool down for around 5 miles total.

Props to Esther for fighting though a busted knee. Reminder to switch directions on the track, we had all turned into a bunch of left turning #RickyBobby’s.

Wrapped up with another sneaky tough move- the Ab Slicer. With both the run segment and the core segment, we were halfway in before the true suck hit us, only to suffer through the last half. Strong work today. YHC is already icing, and will no doubt feel this one for the next few days.

Naked Moleskin:

-Happy 31st birthday Tesh!

-This is our first week offering two speed workouts. Seems to be general consensus that making the Eastside edition a Friday workout provides pax with better options for making it out. For those who travel during the week for work, I hope that Friday’s allow more pax the opportunity to get faster. This week we will launch with an introduction to speed interval workouts, followed by a 1 mile time trial next week to set the benchmark. After that, the two workouts will be mirror images of each other, so that we can all work at the same intensity. I’m picturing a relay showdown pitting the two AO’s against each other in July or August!

-Thanks to all the pax who lifted me and the Jones family up these past few days. It meant the world to read that in Pumpkin’s backblast yesterday. Monday was tough, but made possible by all 3 F’s experienced at The Burbs and today at Ring of Fire.

– I hope the lower turnout is largely due to folks travelling and the suburbanites awaiting the Friday workout. Missing a few familiar faces, and hope those who haven’t yet made it out can come Friday to the launch on the Eastside. Preblast to come tomorrow for that one.

– Other Friday running option coming together: 5 mile tempo-ish run starting from the Starbucks on Main downtown, 0530 launch.

– From information gathered at Coffeeteria today, F3 SwampRabbits are all the friends you need should the world come to a halt #DeepThoughts. I think we convinced WiFi to go grab himself some water filters today, at the very least!

See you in the gloom,


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  1. Was definitely feeling the suck today. Very sneaky hard workout but well worth it. Thanks to Slim for heading #RingofFire up. No doubt the PAX is going to get some speed to them.

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