Backblast- Ring of Fire 05/28/2014

  • Workout Date - 05/28/2014
  • Q In Charge - Slim
  • The PAX - Iceman, Flay, Tesh, Guvnah, WiFi, Aloha, Saddle Sore, Mega Mu, Slim
  • AO -

9 defied the fartsack and took to the Greenville High School track to climb up and down a good old fashioned ladder.

The Thang:

1 mile warmup, allowing YHC to explain to Flay exactly how I got to Costa Rica on a few days notice (dumb luck). Also allows #RoF FNG Iceman to get his #sturdyundercarriage warmed up for a 1 mile time trial.

Proceeded into the following ladder run at Interval Pace (calculate here: 400 I pace- 200 recover- 800 I pace 200 recover- 1200 I pace- audible to 400 recover to allow YHC to avoid #spillage- 800 I pace- 200 recover- 400 I pace- 200 recover- 400 I pace- 1200 mosey cool down.

Made the mistake of handing 6MoM to Mega Mu- never again. Circle up for COT and closed with BoM.

The Naked Moleskin:

– New workouts sprouting everyday. #BeverlyHills coming in two weeks- 4-6 mile hill workout Mondays starting from Cleveland Park at 0515 with YHC taking the Q. #TheCrucible soft launch Friday at Cleveland Park, Mega Mu has the Q for this weekly partner race- details coming soon on official launch. #MainThang has become problematic and it is time to split to- guess where?- Cleveland Park for possible Tuesday Thursday offerings. Keep an eye out on the Twitters and emails for more info on all.

– Prayers for Flay’s friends in Charlotte, Mega Mu and his wife (big exciting news) and 1D’s continued recovery.

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