Backblast Accountability

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
  • Q In Charge - Trycycle
  • The PAX - THE BURBS (17) Earthmover,Murdock, Mr Cotter, Arnold, WEWE, 00, Zip it, Holla, Slapchop, Mall Walker, Radar, Eppe, Erector, Amelia, The Noid, Martina Tower of Terror (8) 1D, Macho Man, Snozzer, LOB, Tommy Webb (FNG COCOON), Upstate,Soup Golden Strip (13) Murdock, Sadiq, Macho Man, Butter bean, Fonzie, LOB, Crab Grass, Wifi, Mary, Nature Boy, Snap hook Micheal Williams (FNG ELMER)
  • AO -

The Burbs 12/16/14

Mass chaos lots of running around. First Q outside my Normal AO. We had coupons and I learned a lot about needing a back up plan for 18 pax members. Less is more. Pray For Erector and Family in our prayers.


Tower of Terror 12/22/14

Football drills with cones and warm up with bricks in hand!!! Shout out to upstate for posting with us. We talked smack about the bell Brothers. He Said he is “THE BELL BROTHER”. He also called out his brothers for being soft. Discuss. Tommy Webb FNG


Golden Strip 01/20/15

COUPONS COUPONS  COUPONS!!!! We warmed up with bricks and then Did dora 123 with sandbags. FNG  Micheal Williams



I will not make excuses and I will be accountable to the pax for accurate detailed back blast in the future. See yall in the GLOOM








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