Back to Our Roots

  • Workout Date - 11/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - SpongeBob, Latka, Mr. Winslow, Seal, Double Windsor (WD), Earthmover, Iceman, Weedwacker, 1 Direction
  • AO -

Coming up on 3 years since Tiger Rag and AP helped to plant the Upstate Flag, we’ve spread across 4 counties (maybe 5? do we have an AO in Laurens Co yet?) with multiple options every day for any kind of beatdown that tickles your fancy. We’ve done Men’s Roundtable, hold weekly Bible studies, and are slowly getting more engaged in the community with efforts like Gideon’s House and the Hope Relay. There are races (BRR, Spinx Runfest, Leatherneck, the Drifter) and just plain goofy stupidity (Jackalope, and good lord are the ruckers in Team SPEARHEAD taking the term “weirdo” to new and unseen heights). Hell, we even had Sherpa plant F3 on top of the world in Kathmandu.

We are here to stay, and it’s astonishing what has been accomplished through the simple mantra of #additionbydivision. As 2015 comes to a close, I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds.

One consequence of all this growth, however is the spreading of the PAX out. Where we all used to see eachother several times a week, many guys have taken up the mantel of leadership at their local AOs to help spread the love. Absolutely on point and on mission, but many times, in the process, we miss/forget the simpler time, and the fundamentals of where we came from.

Up until about 6 months ago, the Mother AO of F3 Swamp Rabbit, Main Thang, was perpetually #problematic. No matter what we did, downtown numbers always spun out of control. Lion’s Den came and went (grrr… much to my chagrin) and we couldn’t nail down a way to get the number more manageable so that new Qs weren’t intimidated from stepping up. Finally, Spongebob and Latka had the bright idea of splitting to the Early Edition and Main Thang, and, voila! 30 dudes still showed, but the pressure valve was released between the 0515 and 0530 sessions.

Recently, however, we’ve had the opposite problem and I was sad – but not surprised – when Sponge and Latka made the decision to re-consolidate to one session at 0515. Hopefully this is just a temporary market correction, but I would urge all Upstate PAX – whether you’re a Tankyardigan, Burbian, ‘Stripper, ‘Kegger, or a Stationite – to make the trip back to our roots at the Main Thang. It was, and remains, the best AO in the Upstate (yes I said it), and should be our hub. Yeah, it might be a longer drive for some of us, but it’s worth it.

So, consider this a call to action. Sponge requested for some of our seasoned Qs to come back home and lead, and today was the start of that. Come back to the Mother AO, offer up a killer beatdown, and help revive this place.

Here’s what went down today:

10 Snotwogglers posted up in some exhilarating, frosty Gloom. Well, first it was 9, but Ice two-wheeled in half dressed, so we paused a moment to let him get, um, “situated” before getting after it.


Spicolis x 10 OYO

MC x 20 IC

Ice finally gets himself put together so it’s time to mosey down Main.

Pit Stop on the Bridge

Derkins x 10 OYO

Hipslappers x 10 IC

Mosey again… Down, down, down into the dark at the bottom of the falls. (At which point 1D and Latka start asking YHC if I know where I’m going, and note the fact that the temp dropped at least 15 degrees on the descent). Group up at the bottom of the grassy (and FROSTY) hill. Partner up

Ark Dora

Partner 1 works and Partner 2 bearcrawls/sprints/slides up and Jameis/sprints/slides down the grassy (and FROSTY) hill. Flapjack, rinse repeato (you know the drill)…

Lunges x 100

Jump Squats x 200 #crowdpleaser

Doublecount Flutters x 300

Many discussions had on the hill. Topics included:

  • The point at which workouts led by YHC typically “get stupid” (typically pretty early) and how PAX have come to love and expect it. (aw shucks, but I didn’t take the frostiness of the hill into account, so thank Mother Nature for that one)
  • Les Miles’ potential buyout and the likelihood (none) that any of the PAX present would still be working at 62 with that kind of money in the bank.
  • Jimbo Fisher going to LSU after Les gets his Golden Parachute. (Not likely, but definitely could keep 1D up at night until this goes away)
  • God’s methods and PAX being there exactly when needed
  • Winslow’s lack of gloves and the impressive/stupid level of stoic tolerance having his hands repeatedly plunged into icy grass.

Plank up till everbody’s done. Now that your legs are fried, time to slog up about of the hole that we’re in. Back up the steps to Main Street

Pit Stop at the Fountain

Dips x 20 OYO

Incline Merkins x 15 OYO


At which point Seal gives YHC a D+ for creativity and then downgrades to a D-.

At which point Ice has shed all the layers that he wrestled himself into at the start point. Might want to rethink that layering strategy, brother.

Mosey back to the Amphitheather (NOT the Pavillion, 1D/Sponge)

Qbert’s Ladder

Box Jump the amphitheather/burpee at the top and back down. Back up ascending to 7 burpees.

At which point, Seal laments this not being a pyramid.

At which point, YHC says “Good idea!”

Back down to one burpee at the top.

At which point, Latka starts staring daggers into YHC. Sorry brother, but I have to get my licks in where I can before the bloodbath that’s sure to come this Saturday in Cola.

Lots of huffing and puffing… Mosey back to the flag for Mary.


Freddie Krueger (1 bigboy/4 Freddie Mercs IC) up to 6 bigboys/24 Freddies



  • Really, really good to come back home. Even better to see some guys I don’t see much of anymore.
  • Almost (ALMOST) had one of the rarest of occurrences: a 1D #merlot splash. Brother managed to keep it in, but that was close. Qbert’s Ladder is no joke.
  • Seal has issues. Like real ones, where he enjoys burpees and can hold a conversation during Qbert’s Ladder. #Beast
  • Prayers for friends of YHC who lost their mom to cancer over the weekend. #cancersucks
  • Praise for Lilly Mueller being in full remission from leukemia. #miracleshappen
  • Prayers for M.Spongebob for surgery this Monday
  • Prayers for safe travels and a good holiday for all
  • Turkey Day convergence this Thursday, 0700 at the Powder Keg
  • Holiday Party 12/12. Make sure to sign up so we can get a head count for BBQ.
  • I’ll say it again: Sponge and Latka made the hard (but right) decision to dial this AO back to one workout. They’ve done an excellent job of leading downtown and we owe them a little effort to help in this revival. Get thee downtown early and often. You won’t regret it.

See everybody Thursday at the Convergence.

Pax Propter Vim

6 thoughts on “Back to Our Roots”

  1. Nice recap on the conversations. You miss 50% of them when you’re the other partner.

    Great to have you back at MT. I think the PAX was happy I wasn’t having them run stairs/hills as normal.

    1. Aye. brother… Having lost Ms. Maura (my buddy’s mom) to cancer this weekend, the timing of that news was both welcome and providential. Lilly’s a tough girl, as was Ms. Maura, and I’m hopeful that same spirit will prevail.

  2. Well done Flay. Your memory is impeccable. Your form ain’t half bad either. Q-Bert was no joke. But the words I overheard after groveling about lack of pyramid, and your ensuing call to finish the pyramid, were priceless!

    “Nobody invited you, SEAL”. #flattered

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