Back in the Saddle (Sorta)

  • Workout Date - 08/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sanchez
  • The PAX - Montross, AFLAC, Clapper, Rusty, Poacher, Bunyan, Frankenreiter, Sanchez (YHC). MIA: Rocky Top
  • AO -

After almost 2 months on the IR with a nagging shoulder issue, YHC decided the best way to post and not sit out every arm exercise was to get back on the Q schedule and work around the shoulder.  This may have been the first burpee/merkin (and all variations)-FREE F3 work-out YHC has ever been part of.  Can’t say it was a lot of fun, but it was great to be back!!  One thing that became painfully clear after these 2 months is that YHC is outta shape!  Hopefully everyone else just got really fast while I was gone…

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Squats x 20 while waiting on AFLAC to walk leisurely from his car to the shovel flag

The Thang – Part One
– Mosey to the parking lot and join Frankenreiter who was just now rolling in (leisurely).
– Grab the sandbag and for an Indian Run through Gower.  Though there was talk to stop at Casa Montross for a beer pong tournament, we stayed focus on the task at hand (perhaps a regrettable decision).

The Thang – Part Deux
– Gather at the top exit of the Holler for a round of SOLO DORA (75-150-300).  Each exercise round has 3 “breaks” to run up the hill to the stop sign.  Breakdown was as follows:
Mountain Climbers x 75 Double Count (25 double count, then run x 3)
Alternating Shoulder touches x 150 (50, then run x 3)
(let the record show that YHC’s shoulder is ok if in some form of plank.  It’s just the extension/contraction that messes it up)
LBC x 300 (100, then run x )
Montross and most of the others started a repeat at the shoulder touches while waiting on YHC (for a while)

The Thang – Part 3 – “The last shall be first” – Yes, it’s Scriptural, but it also describes the transition of my place in the PAX when we go from a Solo Dora to partner exercise and I’m paired with Montross!
– Head down into the Holler for a quick round of some more running:
P1 – Runs up the entrance ramp, backwards up the road the to exit ramp and back down to his partner who is:
Round 1 – Wall Step-ups
Round 2 – Squats

Running out of time and YHC wasn’t ready to grab the sandbag for the indian run back to the shovel flag so time for a little Mary in the Middle (not the middle, but not back at the shovel flag):
– V-Sit waiting for the last runners to return (or in Bunyan’s case, just stand and wait)
– Flutters x 51
– Squats x 20

Time for the inevitable sandbag indian run up the hill through the park to the SF AKA “the run of suck”

Still a few minutes of fun on the clock so:
4 count LBC – side 1 x 20
4 count LBC – side 2 x 20
Flutter x 25
and that’s all.

Naked Moleskin:
Prayer Requests:
– Aflac’s family travels
-Poacher’s friend Matt Hazelton (and wife) – waiting on word of their baby
-YHC’s friend Charlie Schink –  dealing with cancer again along with pneumonia and a handful of other complications
-Tara (husband Michael) Posner – young mom, distance runner, went to doctor 2 weeks ago with fatigue and shortness of breath and was diagnosed with leukemia.
-Continued prayers for Bunyan’s nephew Ford as he struggles to regain strength, mobility, etc
-Praise for Frankenreiter, that his diagnosis with MS has not been holding him back (as evidenced by his grit and stamina in the gloom this morning!).  Waiting on additional meds that had been declined by the insurance company 3 times but should be in the works now.

Men, it’s always a pleasure to lead but it was especially rewarding to be back out in the gloom.  Thanks for having me back and “Shoulderless Q – Round 2” coming soon






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