Back from Mount Pleasant

  • Workout Date - 05/11/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Zip It, Wilson, Johnny 5, Wally, Playdough, 00
  • AO -

7 Men welcomed me back to my home AO after a little detour to Charleston for the 2.3’s open heart surgery. No biggie. She was out of the hospital in 8 days due to the grace of our Lord as facilitated by the prayer of many of you. YHC celebrated by embracing the upstate’s humidity and kept his promise of a no-Joe workout.

Warmup – no time for this, ran around the church to the block pile to make sure the blood was flowing to the legs.

The Thang

Grab two blocks each. Good thing the numbers are low. Take one block. One legged squats with one leg behind you on the retaining wall. IC x 10 for each leg.

Reverse lunge walk across old gym parking lot. Drop block. Duck walk back.

Repeato, except after the lunges, we stay for some straight-leg deadlifts, using both blocks if you can. x 10 IC

Drop a block. Hold one for some sideways lunges across the parking lot both ways.

Keep your block and make way to the front of the church for some inverted rows, feet on block. x 10IC.

Prisoner merkins – push up, knee in, knee out, pushup, knee in, knee out. Plank walk for 30 yards or so.

Repeato with the inverted rows, merkins, and plank walk.

More deadlift I think. Can’t remember. Definitely some burpees. Ended with some people’s chair, various width merkins and 5 MOM. All in all some solid work.


Wilson is a sweat-er. Really needs some kind of gutter system.

With the glute work, you guys will definitely fill out the backs of your speedos this summer. Maybe not the front, but definitely the back.

Only one recorded instance of the Costco pizza mixing with the raisin bran and doughnuts. EM began moving noticeably quicker once entering the cloud.


Something about a Jackalope.

Evie Couch is remarkable and recovering well. Having to keep her off the monkey bars.

00 out.

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