Back Cheddar & a 5K

  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -


14 Rabbits saddled up for a Houdini trot through the big city.  It was disclosed that the reason for absenteeism of  Saturday Legacy posts had something to do w/ muffin making and back cheddar, did I say that out loud?  TBC tracked our route to be 3.5….

The Thang:


Mountain Climbers X20 Merkins X12 Dips X15


MOSEY to TD building

High Knee Jumps OYO X 30 & IW’s X 20


MOSEY to Tupelo Plaza for some wall work

Merkins at bottom/SSH at Top/Squats at bottom (8X15X15)

3 sets increasing by 5 each round

MOSEY to deck

5 Burpees & backward sprint to next level

10 Burpees/20 LBCs & backward sprint to next level

15 Burpees/20 LBCs/ 12 Merkins

Mosey lap and descend after 10 Merkins

Frog jump from stairs to North Street

MOSEY TO Brown Street

Merkins X10 PSTs X 12


Frog Jump to end of Brown Street

Mosey to TD building for more HKJs X30 OYO

Mosey home


Dips X 12 Freddy Mercs X25 Dips on Q count X5 Freddy Mercs X25

Nake Moleskin:

-Mud Run deadline is Friday, March 7th contact Pledge for last minute add (500 + F3 are signed up)

-Dawn Patrol this Saturday, 6AM start with 1D on the Q

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