Bachelor Party-F3 Style

  • Workout Date - 06/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blades
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, No-strings-attached (NSA), Mr. Kotter, Stitch, Weed wacker, Amelia, Domer Simpson, Brown Shorts, Quicky, Estrogen, Double Aught (00), Blades
  • AO -

The Ghost Flag was planted at SBUX and it was go time for #TheCrucible to get started

The Thang:

Head to the fountain beside the Greenlink garage on McBee

Partner up:

Partner 1: Runs around the Greenlink garage up to the parking level. Then does 20 dips and 20 MT. Climbers(SC). Run a lap and head to the fountain to start on the 30 Hand release Burpees

Partner 2: Runs up the stairs to the  parking deck beside the Westin and does 20 Russian Twists(SC) and 20 Peter Parkers(SC). Does a lap on the top level and runs back down the stairs to the fountain to help his partner with the 30 Burpees

Flapjack once Partner 1 & 2 have finished a combined 30 burpees between themselves. Rinse and repeat till 605. Head back to the SBUX for COT


Last week I mentioned to the PAX that my wedding was coming up in a couple weeks so decided this would be my bachelor party workout. I didn’t want to be a lone wolf  so I decided to do a partner style workout with way to many burpees and running/walking up a lot of stairs. I am going to be feeling this in the morning. Luckily we didn’t leave Doug anybody on the roof of the parking deck.

I heard some chatter about calling an audible to change the count of the burpees but this is the crucible guys. The five level garage which felt like 20 levels was a killer and was a hotbox. 605 could not come quick enough. The Virtual trophy goes to Mr. Kotter & QIC total of 6 round trips. Its always nice to have a partner that when you meet up at the fountain has already done 10 of the 30 burpees. Thanks Kotter!

NSA and 00 were always on our heels and whenever I looked back I kept seeing NSA there. The guy is fast. Saw some new faces to the crucible and it was nice having some new blood out there pushing us along the way.

COT: Charleston Community, Amelia’s Brother, Estrogen’s friend travels

As always I enjoy working out with you guys and thanks for the opportunity for me to Q.

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