Baby its cold outside!

  • Workout Date - 01/21/2019
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - Turban, Rasheed Wallace, Oswald (visiting from Charlotte), EPO, Paper Boy, Franzia, Whisper, Mac, Road Trip (F3)
  • AO - Tower of Terror

Sometimes you just have to kick Monday in the junk and press the fight! Ten pax did just that this morning and “Baby it’s cold outside!” It appeared that the cold scared some of TOT’s regulars from joining in the fun…you know who you are! One of them (PS) was apparently still liking post’s on Twitter and forgot to join us…sorry couldn’t resist. Sheed rolled in with a visitor from Charlotte F3 Oswald! Welcome brother and thanks for the stopping by! EPO rolled back into the gloom, welcome back brother! Apparently putting EPO’s face on the milk carton worked? Who woulda thunk? Enough already lets get after it!

Mission Statement: Nailed it!

Disclaimer: Just work and stay warm!

Warm up: 40 SSH, 30 Imperial Walkers,

Mosey the long way to Shortfields

With seven it was a “kind of like a DORA only different”…

4 PAX run to the street and back while 3 do work, or vice versa?


1: Merican’s AMRAP while pax run then switch.

2: LBC AMRAP while pax run then switch.

3: Squats AMRAP while pax run then switch.

4: Dips AMRAP while pax run then switch.

Mosey to the flags:

25 Das Flutter in cadence

Lunge walk to the Ice Cream Station then mosey to the next stop sign,

Mucho Chesto, lots of grumbling with this one. Mosey to the wall…

30 Donkey kicks, cross the street…

40 Step Ups, mosey to the church parking lot on the corner…

40 Marionettes (combo of BBSU and Amer. Hamm.) Thanks NYOPT

Mosey back to the flags:

Two rounds of Wall Sits with Burpee/Merican timers..

Pax Wall Sit while the others do Burpee with 5 Mericans, then 4, then get the drift!

Circle up:

Plank for 2 minute (30 high, 30 low)

Right arm high for 15, left arm high for 15

Right leg up for 15, left leg up for 15

Count em off for COT

Announcements…. usual

Prayers: Roxanne, HFT’s father in law, Franzia’s boss is in town

It’s always a pleasure to lead! 


Lt Dangle



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