Baby its Cold Outside!

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  • Workout Date - 10/16/0012
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - TBag, I Try, Youkilis, Steamer, 12th Man, Slug
  • AO -

YHC decided to Q this morning since we had a few out for work, a few on the IR list and no one asking to Q.  Observations from the gloom:  Clear crisp morning about 37 degrees.  Six men decided even though the morning temperatures are falling, they would show up to support this AO and the dedicated PAX that keep this thing going.  Note to those who let the cold persuade them to fartsack, its only cold when you get out of the car, as soon as you begin the warmup you will not notice it and when all is said and done you will be glad you came!  Here is what went down:

-Hillbillies X 10 IC
-Smufjacks with Jump squat X 10 IC
-Windmills X 10 IC
-Monkey Humper x 10 IC

The Thang:
Mosey to low wall usually reserved for the raccoon walk

Circuit for 3 rounds:

  1.  Place both hands on the wall with both feet on one side, jump from one side to the other and back (while keeping hands on wall) and repeat for 15 total jumps.
  2. Single leg Plank walkout (Start standing on left leg and walk hands out to high plank then walk hands back up to standing – holding right leg extended behind you).  Do this 5 times and switch legs.
  3. Reverse Burpee (Start in pushup position and walk hands up to your feet, stand and jump up then walk hands back down to pushup position (do pushup if so inclined) and repeat for a total of 10 reps)

Partner up and perform Colonel Troutman for 5 minutes (One partner does 10 pushups and chillcut while partner runs to bridge and does 3 pullups, switch and repeat until time expires)

-Mosey to swing set for Swerkins X 15 IC
-Mosey to stage for 11’s with box jumps and squats
-Mosey to downtown for calf raises X 20 IC
-Mosey back to flag for mary

-Pretzel Crunch with leg extention X 15 (each side)
-American Hammer X 15 IC
-Flutter Kicks X 20 IC
-Bigboy Situp X 20
-Plank for one minute

-Dream Center 5K December 10th
-Thanks Giving Convergence (Legacy at 7:00) Thanksgiving Day.  Clown car from Powderkeg at 6:15
-Talk of having a Powderkeg and Hurricane Alley Challenge one Friday
-Whittle Q at Hurricane Alley Wednesday 11-23-16

-Youkilis’s friend, trying to get him back out to have a group of guys he can open up to.
-Slugs friend we are trying to EH for same reasons as Youkilis’s friend.
-Carroll Shelby out after a knee surgery (get well soon brother and come back to join us)
-TBag’s sister had a successful surgery, pray for healing

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