B.O.M.B.S. on a String

  • Workout Date - 09/13/2017
  • Q In Charge - Officer Poncherello
  • The PAX - Soccer Mom, Third Base, Cocoon, Hot4Teacher, Nomad, Barney, Live PD, Look-Out-Below, Lt. Dangle, EPO and YHC
  • AO - Tower of Terror

11 PAX braved the storm debris and cool/wet conditions to take a nice tour of Simpsonville.

We started out with 20 SSH and then Jack-the-Rippers up to 24.

The Thang:
-Mosey to brick pad just a 100 yards past creepy guy in van
-5 B.O.M.B.S.
-Mosey to the Veterans Memorial
-10 B.O.M.B.S.
-Mosey to the SUMC parking lot
-15 B.O.M.B.S.
-Mosey to Cedar Grove parking lot
-20 B.O.M.B.S.
-2 laps around parking lot
-Lt. Dan. Browns up to 20?
-Mosey to the picnic shelter
-20 dips
-15 B.O.M.B.S.
-Mosey to the flag for Mary

-merkin ring of fire up to 5
-Jack-the-Rippers up to 20
-hold Al-Gore for 60 seconds

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