B.O.M.B.S. Away!

  • Workout Date - 11/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Duggar
  • The PAX - Tickle, BabyBlu, Hysteria, Bo Diddley, Pacer, Cruiser, Booo, Papa Smurf, Meter Maid, Mr. Bean, Coffin, Friar Tuck, Flossy, Unplugged, Judge Judy, Uncle Jesse, Kobayashi, Snow Bunny, Capris, Boy George
  • AO -

21 faithful gathered on the first morning in…FOREVER, when the stars so brightly shined! Thank God the rain has gone…for now. I was asked by BabyGrand to please keep the THANG clean and free from dirt and water. That was AFTER his presentation of Epstein’s Mother and assurance he would post. You Pax be sure to let him hear how “clean” it was…he fartsacked!

YHC and Pacer reminisced, on our mosey to the Shovel Flag, of yesterday’s Veteran’s Day cadence calling run… We decided we should have another, yet even better, cadence called double time for our running enjoyment.  We will see!




SSH 30x-IC

Don Quixote 15x-IC

Imperial Walker 30x-IC

Forward Little Baby Arm Circles 15x-IC

Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles 15x-IC

Pax then counted by 2’s, split into respective groups on the goal line, and proceeded to RACE, Indian Run-style, around the perimeter of the ball field. The losing team to do 10 Merkins! YHC was on team 1, so understandably team 1, WON.  2’s grab coupons, one in each hand and make way back to goal line. Let…

THE THANG (begin)

Pax 1 stays on the goal line to begin the B.O.M.B.S. while pax 2 farmer’s carried the coupons to, yes…the 100 yard line! Flossy said there is one so I put it!! Dang Farmer’s Carry was NO JOKE.

Counting as a team each completed:

B. urpees –50

O. overhead Arm Claps –100

M. erkins –150

B. ig Boy Sit-ups –200

S. quats –250

My hope was, if we had enough time, to complete as a team and head-to-head, B.L.I.M.P.S.  That didn’t happen.



We lead the 3rdF workout on the 21st of Nov in Augusta, Ga. Meatloaf has been banned from driving the pax there (albeit my vote is he drives…where else can one see Uncle Jesse sound asleep and Juggarnaut pooping himself). Either way, it stands to be a great experience and all pax are encouraged to participate, #leadership!

Pray for Pot Hole, his Pa passed away last night. They need our prayers. An unspoken was voiced and others. YHC shared, Trusting in the Lord is where it’s at. Life is simply to full of “the unknown’s” and “I can’t believe that happened” to trust in anyone else other than The One Who is in control of it ALL.           Proverbs 3:5-6


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