Aye Chihuahua!!!

  • Workout Date - 03/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Overdraft, SEAL, Quickie, DuPlo, Gluten, Hockey Lot, Cabin Fever, Youkilis, Hoser, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

SOS is in its 3rd week already. Now that the weather is nicer the men have ditched the hats and long sleeves. Man y’all are ugly!   Seal decided to join us late after his truck supposedly turned down 85 toward Anderson all on its own. No worries. He’s here. Let’s Go!


Warm up

  • SSH, MC, IW, Squats all in cadence x 20

Mosey to the lighted parking lot, circle up. Ab burner. Q picks the exercise and PAX do AMRAP til first man runs 40 yards to the flagpole and back. He would be our timer. Switch exercise and continue around the circle til each man has run.  Can’t remember all of them cause YHC is making it up as we go.

  • flutters, dollies, rosalita, LBC, reverse LBC, boxcutter, rev BC, HtoH, 6 inches

Rinse and repeat with the legs. Hold down position this time.

  • squat, squat right, squat left, lunge right, lunge left, wide squat, feet together(ski squat), squat hold again, calf raises

Mosey up the hill and back down the trail for…Hey look, a wall! Perfect spot for 11s.

  • Dips/Derkins
  • Squats/ Step-ups

Mosey back to the flags.

Johnny Cash Ring of Fire. PAX hold while one man does exercise. Then the next in the circle goes.

  • Merkins x 10 while PAX hold plank

Rinse and Repeat

  • 20 LBCs while PAX hold 6 inches.

Mary Ring of Fire

  • 10 Merkins was the timer while PAX did AMRAP. Start with flutters. Every third man switch exercises. Dollies, Rosalita, 6 inches for last exercise.

At this point SEAL mentions we haven’t done any air humpers. OK. 30 Erectors in cadence. If you know Overdraft you know he is quick on his cadences. I glanced over and saw he was moving pretty quick so I sped up my cadence. He was moving so fast that it looked like a chihuahua humping the air. Needless to say I had a tough time counting  through the fits of laughter.

Always a blast to Q a new and unfamiliar AO. Making it up as we go.


Wednesday Haven of Rest Downtown Anderson starting soon. BB&T Connector run may have some free spots available. Jackalope coming soon to Greenville. Night Ops Sundays 7:00 at Lion’s Den Cleveland Park.

OD’s M has a classmate whose husband has a brain tumor. DuPlo’s dad. Spidey and his wife. YHC’s BIL recovering after a stroke. YHC’s 2.3 gets her heating aids 3/25. Youkilis’s grand mother.

Always a pleasure!

Brown Shorts


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