Awash in the Afterglow

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  • Workout Date - 01/10/2019
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - Courtesy Flush, Almond Joy, PlayDoh, Chubbs, Kindergarten Cop
  • AO - The Station

6 men assembled in the sub-artic gloom and forsook 60mph wind gusts and real feel temps in the negative triple digits, in order to enthusiastically recognize Clemson’s domination in their march through the BCS ranks.

When the call went out for a Thursday Q, YHC wasted no time grabbing it, having already given rare advance thought to a possible workout plan.    Scrapping actual job requirements, the rest of the afternoon was spent meticulously researching the F3 Exercises website for pain inducing work, suitable for fervent supporters of our National Champion.     YHC found additional inspiration in reading back through previous Station group DMs where our Nantan and  other less erudite members of our group sought to talk up Gamecock Women’s basketball accomplishments at the expense of Tiger football.      After Monday night’s exhibition of foosball dominance, all have likely converted now.

The Warm-up:


20 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Windmills – let’s mosey


The Thang:

After the warm-up and mosey, the Pax arrive at Memorial Methodist where all Pax are instructed to grab a coupon.     Coupon’s secured, walk towards the Church walkway area where the lights are brighter.    At this time, YHC notes that having reached the  “Respect” age bracket, the ol’ peepers aren’t as good as they used to be, so YHC is forced to admit that the reason that we’re at the lights is so that he can see his weinke better, which has been conveniently written on 2 pages of 8×11 copy paper in very large, block letters.    Much derisive, hurtful mumble-chatter from the Pax, but we champions shrug off adversity and plow through.   The Pax are then instructed that the work will consist of two main bodies, each with a theme, which they are challenged to try and figure out.     As mentioned previously, the exercises have been gleaned from the F3 Exercises web page and are official F3 names.    The work:

Group 1

Clerkin                         44 reps

Lunges                         44 reps

Elf on The Shelf       44 reps   (very few “E” possibilities!)               using coupon

Merkins                        44 reps

SSH                               44 reps

Old Town Pain Train     10 reps   (cause these are burpees)

Never Cross Dolly     44 reps



The Lion King                 16 reps              using coupon

Imperial Squat Walker     16 reps

Goofball                            16 reps

Elf on the Shelf              16 reps   (same)     using coupon

Russian Twist                 16 reps  with coupon

Squat Thrust                   16 reps with coupon


By this point, the Pax were all clearly fired up, but time was drawing to a close, so we finish with Joe Hendrix up the Church steps, and 20 additional merkins at Namaste on  our way back to the circle for 5 MOM  (plank, heels to heaven, LBC, Big boys, corkscrews).     Very well done men.       Thanks for coming out and braving the harsh cold to laugh and work with each other.    You’re all an inspiration.   As always, I hope the workout was suitable to the levels of your abilities.


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