Attempted Rumble with the Rundles

  • Workout Date - 11/04/2014
  • Q In Charge - Grilled Cheese On A Donut
  • The PAX - Mr. Winslow, Soup, Dollywood, GCOD
  • AO -

Apparently, YHC likes to Q when there is a large draw at other AOs. For example, 1D’s free coffee bribe, or everybody’s favorite Laguna Beach extras teaming up for some brotherly love. As a result, 4 PAX rolled into and out of the Lion’s Den for a little ramble looking to rumble with the Rundles.

Warm Up

20 SSH IC (had no plans to warm up, was just hoping for more PAX)

The Thing

Mosey out towards McDaniel. Stop at foot bridge to SRT for 15 Hip Slappers IC.

Continue the mosey down SRT until reaching the picnic shelter. Split into two groups.

Group 1 does Gordon Ramsay to 5:20.
Group 2 does flutters, dollys, LBCs.

What is the Gordon Ramsay you ask? A few weeks back, our friendly, local cheflebrity, Flay introduced B*tch Benches. Much like Gordon Ramsay is a nastier cheflebrity, the Gordon Ramsey is a nastier exercise than Flay’s version. It’s been Emeriled (kicked up a notch). Here’s how it works: position two picnic tables close enough to be able to complete a wide incline merkin between the benches. Without moving hands, swing legs forward in one motion and complete 4 dips. Continue the 1:4 ratio to 5:20.

Continue mosey down SRT. Bear crawl across the bridge by the plane. Tclaps to Soup for absolutely crushing this.

Continue mosey to the turnaround at the bottom of the Falls Park Hill. Dan Taylor (1 squat, 4 lunges) to 7:28.

Mosey up the hill to the fountain at the Main St. Entrance to Falls Park. 25 incline merkins.

At this point, YHC explains that we are on the hunt for the Rundles. YHC instructs on proper monkey humper for and provide instructions to circle the Main Thangers and complete 10 monkey humpers without saying a word. Alas, the Rundles took refuge in a parking garage and we had to settle for monkey humping the early crew. Henceforth and forevermore, the act of circling the wagons and monkey humping shall be known as Jennifer Smithing in honor of the Swamp Rabbit’s own Richard Kornacki who is a legend at swimming clubs in the upstate for his 2003 award win. Just ask Grit.

Mosey back to the den for 2 minutes of perfect planking. A couple of female runners stop to call out one of the Pax on their plank form. Laughing 1:30 into a plank is painful.

Thanks to the Pax for showing up and putting up with a largely experimental Q with about 3.5 miles of running. Someone had to be the guinea pigs and I’m glad it was y’all.


9 thoughts on “Attempted Rumble with the Rundles”

  1. My first thought is…WOAH…GCOD is calling out Flay and claiming that the B*tch Benches are not tough enough. I have a feeling Flay may retaliate for that.

    Second…DAMN YOU

  2. First, not calling out. B*tch Benches are terrible. However, Gordon Ramsay’s are an unnecessarily nasty version of them that resemble their namesake and will also lead one to swear like their namesake. Calling out would have been to call it a Rachel Ray or Paula Dean. Which may actually be a great family friendly name for the original…

    Second, you’re welcome. I’ve spoken with Terri and pictures of the monumentous occassion will be forth coming. It’s nothing to be ashamed of… afterall, you are THE Richard Kornacki. It’s an honor sir.

        1. You mean like you 100 Fly time of 1:05.80 in 1998 just 1.46 behind Michael Phelps at Nationals. Or did you mean more like you Dad’s middle name being Alfred and his birthday being March 12? 1st page of Google is fairly detailed.

  3. Get your tissues ready…
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