ATM's 2-year anniversary party

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  • Workout Date - 06/13/2017
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Easy Bake, Road Trip, Lookout Below, Short Barrel, The Sizzler, Thumper, Church Lady, Lite Brite, The Muff, Benign, Sammy, Washer, Soccer Mom, FNG Haagen Dazs, Mint Julip, Pine Tar, Ponch, Copacabana, Master Tonic, Bambi, Urban, Dr. Phil, Johnny 5, Floppy Disc, Third Base, ATM (YHC)
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25 other pax showed up to help YHC celebrate the death of a sad clown now forever known as ATM at Pitchfork on a perfect morning for a workout. Some ruckers and runners got in some foreplay (seriously, look it up in the lexicon…I don’t make the rules dude). A couple of 2.0s were out this AM #summertime. The Sizzler (@Thumper 2.0) and FNG Hudson n/k/a Haagen Dazs (@MintJulip 2.0) held their own fine today.

Mission of F3 by Mint Julip for his 2.0 FNG
Disclaimer – ain’t no pros out here boys

When putting together the weinke for today, YHC wanted to bring back some favorites from Q’s past, so the following is a compilation of my VQ, 2 different birthday Qs, the 1-year anniversary Q, and some of my general GORUCK favorites.

Warm up – (from 1-year anniversary) – Smurf Jacks x 20 IC, Merkins x 15 IC, Monkey Humpers x 15 IC, Burpees x 10 OYO
Mosey to the track.
Thang – Double applesauce Indian run (from VQ) – 3ish laps around the big track.
Partner up, 10 pullups each and 20 patty-cake merkins. Repeato (from 38th birthday)
Circle up for some shoulder smokers. Overhead Claps x 40 IC, Cherry Pickers x 40 IC (both GORUCK favs), moroccan night club x 30 IC just to finish the shoulders
2 more laps around the track, but 10 squats at each 1/4 pole around the track. 2 laps and 80 squats (from 37th birthday) Back to the flags.
6MOM – LBCs x 30 IC, BBSU x 20 OYO. Repeato. DONE

Annc – p200 sign ups, Mud run next May (never too early). 7/11 F3 dads in Greer. God to the Last Drop tmmr. PF 2-year anny coming up.
P/P – CopaCabana’s mom, Andrew Brunson, Shamu’s M and his child, Drake, LB’s grandfather Tom (cancer), Church Lady’s mom, Beth Lagrange,

NMM – humbled by the guys this am. As I told them this am, even though I didn’t know them 2 years ago, a lot of my best friends in the world were in that circle today. I appreciate you boys!

SYITG next time,

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