ATM dispensing only pain at the Cadillac of AOs

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  • Workout Date - 07/12/2016
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Footloose, Blue Hawaii, Highwayman, John Denver, Kilowatt (respect!), Jock Strap (hate!), iTunes, Wally, FNG Joel - Napster, Easy Bake, Sheldon (hate!), Mr. Head, Slick Willy, Spandex, Homeward Bound, SEGA, Bob Barker (respect!), Almond Joy, Whisper (respect!), Erector, Grrr, Perry Mason, Carcass (hate!), Gilligan (hate!), No Bars, ATM (YHC)
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26 pax including 1 FNG – Joel Collingwood (f/k/a Napster – lives next to iTunes – see what we did there?!) – circled up at #TheStation to see what an ATM guest Q was all about. TClaps to @Whisper and @EasyBake for making the trip from the ’81.

After some pleasantries, the mission of F3, and the disclaimer we got right to work.

W/U – 10 x 5. 10 burpees, every minute on the minute for 5 minutes. #crowdpleaser#1 During this work, YHC commented on the #mumblechatter royalty that calls Greer home including @Footloose and @BlueHawaii. They were strangely quiet during the 50 burpees. They would warm up and not disappoint later in the workout. #isthatkanyewest?

Thang – properly warmed up, we moved to the amphitheater steps for a Jacob’s Ladder. Box jump each step to the top, perform 1 burpee. Jog down. Box jump each step, 2 burpees. Up to 7 burpees. It was at this moment that YHC noticed a jack rabbit in a yellow shirt had joined us. Apparently, they call him @Gilligan. He took each step in 2 big hops and was floating more than jumping. Oh, to be 19 again! Who am I kidding, at 19, I was late to Art 101 at 8a. Anywho, we digress…Plank up for the 6.

Over to the lamp posts. Partner up. Both pax start in plank position with feet facing up the slope. Pax 1 crawls bear (backwards bear crawl reminiscent of a Joe Hendrix) to the first lamp post and performs 10 merkins. Once pax 1 is done with merkins, pax 2 starts his crawl bear while pax 1 waits in plank at the post. Flapjack all the way up the incline with 10 merkins at each post to the top lamp post. Pick up the 6.

What goes up…must come down. Same partners and routine, but this time it’s lunge walk, 10 tea baggers, and hold Al Gore for your partner. Flapjack all the way down. Great work by all during this…it was truly #sucktastic and we learned that even a 19 y/o can be slowed down by crawl bears.

Circle up for a quick COP – monkey humpers x 20 IC and BBSU x 25 OYO. #mumblechatter at a high during BBSU as usual.

Back on the line facing up the incline. Suicide time. Another #crowdpleaser. Run to the first lamp post, backwards run back down. Run to the 2nd, backwards run down…all the way up. Finish with the 6.

Over to the flat area for Mary – @BlueHawaii started with flutters so YHC could grab my phone from the car, X&Os, LBCs. Done!

Annc –
2ndF starting at the Station, every Thursday coffeeteria at DD.
2ndF dinner on 5:30 on Thursday nights at Southern Growl.
Experiencing God starting in 2 weeks on Wednesdays – look for Twitter info.
0700 workout and 0815 F3 Dads at Legacy this Saturday.
Motion was made to change @Gilligan name to @PigPen as gnats chased him around all morning.
Michelin 5k – 8/20
7/30 convergence at Gideon’s House

P/P –
Golden Sombrero’s Mom re: cancer
Praise for @Footloose’s M putting up with him for 13 years
Bobbi Scott – advanced pancreatic cancer
iTunes – Australia trip
Grrr – FIL fall
Wally’s M’s friend Tara – Leukemia
Friend of all the hates – kid walking away from Christian faith
Goose at the AFA, pray and send letters
Men and women in blue

@Whisper took us out in prayer.

Such a pleasure to lead you men this AM. Honestly one of the best AOs I have ever been to. Enjoy it, but as we reminded the pax this AM, get out an enjoy the other AOs and the fellowship with other pax. It’s worth it.

Thanks for having me! SYITG next time,

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