Asheville Beer Race- 7/12/2014

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Not sure I have to say any more than the title already conveys, but just in case, here goes:

What: 4 mile night race in Asheville finishing at the Highland Brewing Company.

When: 07/12/2014, 8pm start

Why: Amazing beer at the finish. Great chance for 1st and 2nd F experience with Pax from around the Nation. Oh, and you get a GLOW IN THE DARK PINT GLASS at the finish to enjoy that fantastic Highland beer in. The race and post race festivities are family friendly events. There will be food, music and of course beer in the large meadow next to the brewery. Proceeds go towards development of the greenway system in the Asheville area. The race will be capped at 800 runners. I have little doubt this will sell out.

This is a great chance to get out of our respective regions for a refreshing break from oppresive summer heat and to escape to the mountains of North Carolina. This is also a fantastic opportunity to bring M’s and 2.0’s for a weekend getaway.

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UPDATE: It’s been decided that running this race alone is not enough, and with the Blue Ridge Relay looming, I’m going to throw down a larger challenge to all pax interested. Starting at 10am on 07/12, we will run the two Mountain Goat Hard legs of the BRR- 31 and 33. This will allow for anyone interested to get a condensed simulation of running three legs (combined with the Highland race) at elevation. The beer at Highland is world class, but I doubt it will taste any better than following this adventure. Plan on having the M’s and 2.0’s meet us at the brewery and make a weekend getaway for the family out of it.

The mountains are calling…

— Slim

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  1. Slim, one or two other pax and myself would like to do the two mountain goat legs and the race. We aren’t on a BRR team, but would still like to participate in this. Since we haven’t done these routes before, I was hoping we could caravan up there with anyone who has. Any thoughts on to contact to try coordinate this would be appreciated. Thanks for your help and efforts on organizing this.

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