#ASaturdayQGRAB in #ThePowderKegGloom: Are You A Resolute Warrior?

  • Workout Date - 01/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - Carl's, Jr., Quaker, Red Wire, Don Ho-WB, Flow Rider, Mr. Burns, Whittle-WD, and Nicholas Sadie-FNG - Tangent
  • AO -

How about it? 1st Saturday of 2016… no takers! That’s alright this time! But, remember F3 is a mission not of personal gain, but for something much bigger! Sad clowns no more, Tangent! We are so glad to welcome you brother into our F3 PowderKeg COT! Props to #HIM Boomhauer for putting that EH on Nicholas whenever you first became burdened for your F3 brother to join our COT! GOD’s timing is perfect, even when Boomhauer’s not there! Let’s not grow weary in this opportunity to spread the good news for ALL men.  #ISI The F3 Movement is successful because it’s relational. Most of us recall our sad clown story before F3. I’m going to challenge you to do something if you haven’t already, but this will fill in the blanks more quickly IF you do this: Read the book. FREED TO LEAD: F3 and the Unshackling of the Modern-Day Warrior. See there… you probably thought I was going to say, “Step up and lead a workout.” That is important, too – but first we need to know clearly “The Why” behind “Our What”. (The mission & process behind the vision.) I’m not quite 20 months into F3. It took me about 3 months after stumbling across “it” before I first posted at #Legacy. That was not a coincidence or chance. I count it as a divine appointment. Back to the book to read… my copy is still being passed around still I hope… we, F3 have much work to do. Sad clowns need you. There is a method to the madness a.k.a. #CSAUP e.g. early morning workouts – rain, shine, hot or cold! Move out of that comfort zone. Sacrifice. It’s a noble thing. OKAY, so what went down with one of our larger Saturday gatherings in the gloom of the PowderKeg… PROPS to our growing F3 Brothers of RESPECT who represented 56% of those who posted in the gloom of the PowderKeg on January 2, 2016!

    • imperial walkers, IC x12
    • hillbillies, IC x12
    • mountain climbers, IC x 12 – it was at this time we welcomed in FNG Nick Sadie into the Circle Of Pain. YHC was quickly reminded (oh, yeah…) to provide our standard disclaimer “I am not a professional, modify as necessary, yada, yada, yada – don’t hurt yourself. So, what did we do next…
    • side straddle hop, IC x 36. Hey, I didn’t won’t our FNG to not be sufficiently warmed up before THE MAIN THANG. Now we mosey!
    • This mosey was only to that most famous prominent feature of The PowderKeg that most regulars anticipate for what’s coming next. So, to throw the PAX off for a few seconds, I tell them to…
      • PLANK UP… right arm high (for a 3 – 5 second count), right leg high (for a 3 – 5 second count), right leg down (for a 3 – 5 second count), right arm down “ReguLAR”!Switch it up in the…
      • PLANK position… left arm high (for a 3 – 5 second count), left leg high (for a 3 – 5 second count), left leg down (for a 3 – 5 second count), left arm down “ReguLAR”!
      • Smokin’ JOE HENDRICKS (There it is! Didn’t won’t to disappoint the PAX) again modify as necessary using the grass hill rather than concrete steps for the backward bear crawl. Between the steps on the width of the parking lot, we “Grapvine” across (a.k.a. “Kareoke”) PLANK at the MARATHON CHURCH Entrance. Carl’s Jr. gladly obliged us all with a 10 count and YHC asked the PAX to…
      • Grab some WALL for The Peoples Chair – after some variations of arm positions/movements designed to distract our mind from thinking too much about our time in this ‘chair’ that really isn’t, YHC did the unthinkable calling for…
      • BALLS TO THE WALL HIP SLAPPERS, IC x 8 (try this some time when you Q and notice the change in voice tone and inflection as the Q calls out the cadence. lol.) How about a 2nd mosey…
      • This mosey took us to the picnic shelter for some core, leg and IT band strengthening
        • boat/canoe on YHC’s command. Nice of me to give the PAX a 10 count while holding that last core stretch, huh?
        • Calf Raises, IC x well, I’m thinking it was somewhere between 10 & 15 so YHC will say it was 12.
        • Jack Webb ( or Lt. Dan Taylor) Quaker, didn’t you say it was Jack Webb? You need to watch the movie Forrest Gump over again… Squats/Lunges, 1:4 Ratio We made it five rounds going up only… had to save something for the our next short mosey…
      • This was a short mosey to the block pile. Let’s grab Quaker’s small red ones.
        • tri-cep extensions, on YHC’s count x 10
        • overhead press, on YHC’s count x 10
        • 21 guns “curlz4gurlz”
          • lo range, on YHC’s count x 7, and HOLD in the middle
          • mid range, on YHC’s count x 7, and HOLD in the middle
          • full range, on YHC’s count x 7, and HOLD in the middle
        • bent over rows, on YHC’s count x10, then…
        • RINSE & REPEAT, return blocks back to the pile
      • YHC called us into a straight line formation for a NATIVE AMERICAN RUN on the road less traveled (a.k.a. “Indian Run”) Continue out to Roe Road turning right up hill back onto MARATHON CHURCH Campus; halt at the fire hydrant and PLANK in a Circle as we wait on the six…
      • SUPERMAN pose and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
      • PLANK and hold, and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
        • SUPERMAN pose and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
        • PLANK and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
          • SUPERMAN pose and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
          • PLANK and hold, and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
            • SUPERMAN pose and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
            • PLANK and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
              • SUPERMAN pose and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
              • PLANK and hold awaiting YHC’s next instruction
      • CONGRATS to the PAX for completing 5 hand release MERICANS. Let’s do an extended mosey…
      • This took us to a point where YHC had the PAX set up in a starting position for…
        • CRABCAKES, IC x 15
        • POTATO MASHER long sprints, walk the short CAPS waves of three (3) until we PLANK at the Stop Sign.
      • Lock arms for ALL IN Group Leg Lunges; recovery slowsey to reconvene on WEST side of parking lot directly across from where the VIRTUAL Shovel Flag is planted.
      • On your SIX for big boy sit-ups, OYO x10; since we were on the incline, flip flop head to foot and repeat big boy sit-ups, OYO x10
      • JAILBREAK to virtual Shovel Flag for…
  • 6MOM
    • Pretzel Crunch, right elbow to left knee, IC x20
    • Pretzel Crunch, left elbow to right knee, IC x20
    • LBC’s, IC x 20
    • Reverse LBC’s, IC x20
    • The Flutter, IC x20


Good Work PAX! Count off began with Red Wire as #1 ending with our FNG, Nick Sadie #8 with YHC, in the midst of the COT as #9. We learned much about Nicholas Sadie after the Name-A-ramA to designate him as “Tangent” based on his mathematics teaching occupation. Welcome Tangent! Announcements…

  1. F3 Launch Clemson, Feb 13, 2016 Bowman Field, begin NOW collecting names of friends, family & frenemies with email addresses. Opportunity: So, are you a Resolute Warrior?
  2. Drifter 6K Connestee Park, Feb 6, 2016, huge F3 presence at this event with a warm-up before and meaningful COT/BOM afterward. YHC was on the IR last year & had my 2.0, Doolittle sub in for me, so this will really be my 1st Drifter as a F3 participant.
  3. Successful Ultra Vergence in Charlotte celebrating 5 year F3NATION Anniversary 363 PAX participated. Aye!
  4. January 23 Road trip to Spartanburg Star Command for convergence there including Padre’s former home AO in Rock Hill along with his new AO Powderkeg for an OFFICIAL Padre SendOff/Celebration of our F3 connection.


  • Gluten’s mom praise for return of her strength, continued prayers for her and the family as we seek GOD’s direction for next steps in her treatment
  • Quaker’s in-law family members
  • Padre’s in-law family member
  • F3 Brothers and their family for traveling safety
  • Praise for Saturday numbers increasing… 9 PAX today

As always, it truly is a pleasure to lead you, hoping for YOU that if this YHC can do this, you can earn the right to construct your own personal shovel flag, too. After YHC closed in prayer, the PAX scattered out of the PowderKeg gloom out into our mission field. To adapt from an appropriate closing used by Padre to his congregants: PowderKeg… YOU ARE SENT! Gluten, out.



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