Aren't you going to freeze out there?

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  • Workout Date - 02/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - Soup
  • The PAX - Soup, Earth Mover, Sponge Bob
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Soup and his Wolf Pack of 2 brave Ninja’s decided that it would be a great idea to frolic around Downtown Greenville in 14 degree weather. And when it was all said and done, we were all better for it.

Warm Up:

Merkin’s x 19 IC
LBC’s x 19 IC
Lil Baby Arm Circles x 19 IC
Reverse Lil Baby Arm Circles x 19 IC
SSH x 19 IC

The Meat and Taters:

Mosey To Some Parking Garage

Next we hit the stairs, at every floor we stopped and exectued a set of exercises
1st floor = 19 merkins
2nd floor = 19 squats
3rd floor = 19 Big Boy Sit Ups
4th floor = 19 flutter kicks double count
5th floor = 19 SSH

Back to the Bottom Stairs, this time up we went two floors before executing the sets of exercises
2nd Floor = 19 merkins, 19 squats
4th Floor = 19 flutter kicks double count, 19 Big Boy Sit Ups
5th Floor = 38 SSh

Back to the Bottom Deck
Sprint to the top of the deck and repeat
Back to the bottom floor

Sprint to 1st Floor
19 merkins

Lunge Walk to theĀ 2nd Floor
19 squats

Sprint to 3rd Floor
19 merkins

Lunge Walk to the 4th Floor
19 squats

Lunge Walk to the top Floor
19 Big Boy Sit Ups
19 Merkins
19 Squats
19 Smurf Jacks

Mosey back down to the Peace Center for Dealer’s Choice

Just wanna say great job to my Ninja’s today. Our legs are better for having experienced that…

Mud Run, Mud Run, Mud Run
Asheville Expansion Coming Up
Hartsville Launch On the Horizon
Atlanta Expansion is right around the corner (Hello Varsity…)

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