Are You Even Old Enough to Know Who REO Speedwagon Is?

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  • Workout Date - 07/15/2016
  • Q In Charge - Dr. Phil
  • The PAX - Homeward Bound, Dumpster, Affordable Care Act, M.O., Sammy, Hulk Smash (Respect!), Earthmover, Pine Tar
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From Dr. Phil

9 PAX gave the Heisman pose to their snooze button and ventured out into the pitchfork gloom for an upper body beat down and pursued bulging biceps while singing along with REO Speedwagon…..yes, REO Speedwagon. Due to YHC’s early morning technical difficulties PANDORA served us up a dish of moderately decent hair band music with a few middle school dance songs sprinkled in. My apologies gentlemen, I will up my DJ game next time.

Warm Up:
SSH X 20
HB X 21 (YHC rookie counting error)
Shoulder Rolls with Dumbells Forward X 15
Shoulder Rolls with Dumbells Rear X 15
Lap around parking lot

The Thang:

Merkin Musical Chairs
-PAX pulled the circle in tight and sat their dumbbells down shoulder width apart. The lightest set of dumbbells was removed from the circle leaving an open “chair.” Each PAX got in a plank position in front of their dumbbells. We did one merkin and then rotated to the right to the next set of dumbbells. Merkin #2 and then rotated to the right again with a total of 5 rotations. After the 5th merkin/rotation, the PAX picked up the dumbbells they landed in front of and did 10 shoulder presses. The PAX that landed in the open “chair” had to do burpees until all other PAX completed shoulder shrugs. Repeato for a total of 3 rounds.

Swora (Dora + Get Swoll)
Pair up:
– – 300 single count curls
– – 200 tricep extensions
– – 100 single count front lateral raise
– Running partner alternated between back-pedaling for approximately 50 yards followed by sprinting back and Karaoke run 50 yards followed by sprinting back.

Merkin Kick Backs
– – Merkin with a tricep kick back at the top X 5 with each arm.
– – Alternate with Reverse Crunch to a 6 inch position 2 X 20

Tempo Hammer Curls
– – 2 X 20 Hammer Curls
– – Alternate with Plank Jacks 2 X 20

Tempo Nosebreakers
– – 2 X 10 Nosebreakers
– – Alternate with Big Boy Sit Ups 2 X 10

– – 2 X 10 Dumbell Flutters – Sit dumbbell on end in front of you and from an inclined seated position move feet from one side of the dumbbell over the top to the other.

Finished with a lap around the parking lot.

– – F3 Dads on Saturday at Legacy Park with Bootcamp prior
– – Bondo breakfast bar workout 7/30
– – Bondo graduation Aug 2 at 6:00
– – Mint Julip torn calf muscle
– – Gideon’s house residents in general
– – Earthmover’s friend struggling with family-related conflicts
– – YHC 36 year-old friend and father of 2 facing cancer
– – Praise for the health and ability to come work out

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