Are Those Shinguards??

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - CrotchRocket, DollyWood, Soup, Mr Winslow, WonderCat, Latka, SpongeBob, Houdini, Iceman, Caviar
  • AO -

10 men planted the shovel flag at the early edition of #TheMainThang to see what all the Twitter #mumblechatter was about. YHC promised a #HootieStyle #beatdown – which entails a #CircuitOSuck. Pretty sure the PAX got what they came for #truthinadvertising

The Thang:

Before YHC could circle up the group I was under fire for my cool new socks. Someone asked if I had on shin guards. As a matter of fact I do and you’re about to find out why……

Ssh x30 – Houdini wasted no time with his #mumblechatter as he mocked YHC’s predictability (starting with SSH).
Merkins x15
IW x20
Oblique lbcs x20
Burpee boxjumps x10 #don’tbustAshin

Circuit O suck (running around the Peace Center counter-clockwise)
20 Squat jumps at the loading dock
20 wall muscle ups on the parking lot wall
Plank walk down amphitheater stage
10 burpee boxjumps on benches by the shovel flags
Repeato x3
Needless to say there wasn’t much #mumblechatter after round 1, let alone 2 and 3
As YHC was finishing the muscle ups on round 1 I felt someone behind me. Was this a reverse Billy Zane and an FNG was trying to join us? Turns out it was @WonderCat. He said “the 0530 group started early”. Of course I informed him he just joined the #EarlyEdition #betterlatethannever

Flutters x20 slow count – there’s your recovery #foreshadowing

Mosey to steps at Lazy Goat
P1 lunges
P2 run up steps, 20 merkins, back down
Flapjack, repeato x2
Switch to
P1 chilcutt (low plank)
P2 run up steps, 20 Freddy mercs, back down
Flapjack, repeato x3

Somewhere during phase 2 of the partner work, @MrWinslow was showing @Spongbob the proper rear mount er….way to stretch the lower back. #TooMuchInformation #WishIDidn’tSeeThat

6″ while everyone completes last set. turns out #Dollywood was getting some extra credit as he made a 4th trip up the steps #beastmode

Mosey back to the flag

Oblique lbc x30 slow count
Dolly x30 slow count
Plank crunch x5 ea side

Naked Moleskin:
– YHC promised a beatdown (via Twitter) and the feedback would indicate I was successful
– Always good to see my pal @CrotchRocket when he’s in town on business
– For the record – my socks were snow skiing socks that I was trying out. They did match my shoes and shorts as pointed out by @MrWinslow
– Lot’s of references to the movie #Stepbrother

Prayer Requests
– @WonderCat’s MIL got good news on a CT scan
– @CrotchRocket shared the news that @Ice9’s (CLT metro) wife is undergoing chemo for breast cancer #cancersucks
– @Flay’s wife is going through a company reorganization

– @SwampRabbit 2yr Anny Convergence this Sat, 1/31 at Legacy Park
– Sign up for the Drifter 6k (2/7). We almost have 70 guys signed up!!
– #MainThang Qschool scheduled for 2/17

See ya in the gloom…..


2 thoughts on “Are Those Shinguards??”

  1. We always talk about how we need to help each other out with form. Mr. Winslow helps me get my hips up for downward dog and the whole world has to laugh at it? Geez…can’t win for trying.

    That workout has to make another appearance. It was horrible, but for the BETTER.

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